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The Cotton On Group Uses BlueJeans to Sell Blue Jeans (and More) Around the World

About Cotton On
The Cotton On Group was born in Geelong, Victoria and over the past 25 years has grown to a store footprint of 1,450+ stores across 18 countries with a team of 22,000 people globally.

The Group owns seven brands including Cotton On, Cotton On KIDS, Cotton On BODY, Factorie, Supre, Rubi and Typo. The Group also has a philanthropic arm, the Cotton On Foundation, which has raised $80 million towards creating 20,000 educational places globally by 2020.

The Challenge
As an international company, the Cotton On Group had used a video conferencing service for years, but there was always room for improvement. When Mark Medwell, General Manager of Information Technology, joined the company in 2016, he identified an opportunity to utilize a platform that would work for all team members across the company. The current environment, which included various collaborative teleconferencing technology services, was covering basic needs, but it was heavy to support and not as robust as the growing company needed. Mark had used BlueJeans in a previous role, so he quickly purchased a few licenses to test it with the management team.

Cotton On + BlueJeans 
The Cotton On Group currently has more than 1,450 stores located on five continents. With thousands of employees—up to 22,000 during the holiday season—the company needs a tool that can work in whichever country their employees are located, without the expense of hardware-based tools. BlueJeans provides this service, working throughout Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. This has saved on travel budget, allowing users to talk face-to-face without requiring expensive flights and hotels. In fact, regions within the company have substituted travel budgets to fund more BlueJeans licenses for their employees.

When people do have to travel between offices and stores, BlueJeans allows them to communicate with their colleagues at their home office. “The fact that you can go through different time zone and different countries and still keep in touch with what is going on throughout the company is a real testament to the tool,” said Mark

Users love the service due to its ease of use and reliability, as well as the fact that it combines video, audio, and web conferencing all into one platform. As the primary collaboration tool in the Cotton On Group technology stack, people rely on BlueJeans every single day to complete their jobs and get their work done. Mark stated, “The consensus from our user community is that BlueJeans is very reliable and very robust. That is a big win. I don’t underplay the fact that it works, and it works consistently.”

“It’s about setting up a user experience that fits the purpose and that you’re prepared to pay for. We certainly haven’t had to invest in a lot of infrastructure to support BlueJeans. I don’t think we could do it more cost effectively if we tried.”
- Mark Medwell, General Manager of IT

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