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BlueJeans Helps AirAsia Seamlessly Connect a Growing Workforce

AirAsia has built a business around putting people first. No doubt, that’s part of their secret to success—having grown from a domestic Malaysian airline to the largest low-cost carrier based on number of passengers in the Asia-Pacific region, Air Asia now serves 140 destinations and over 500 million passengers.

The carrier’s rapid geographical expansion surfaced the need for a collaboration platform that would support face-to-face communications among its 2000+ employees at AirAsia’s Malaysia headquarters, its distributed team, and external participants. 

Looking for something that would both scale as needed and work across various devices and hardware endpoints, they found the BlueJeans meeting platform—which is differentiated by its ease of use and a reputation for interoperability with a multitude of room and operating systems. BlueJeans not only brings team members together simply by making it easier for people to meet, the solution is also central to building the rapidly growing team.

Once in place, the team found that even those who did not have access to traditional video conferencing hardware were now easily able to connect face-to-face using the BlueJeans mobile app or BlueJeans in the browser, with no download required.

Executives use BlueJeans Events to facilitate company-wide town hall meetings that are accessible for everyone—even those employees in offices without video conferencing hardware onsite. Human resources and hiring managers use BlueJeans Meetings to interview candidates, which provides the candidates the flexibility to use a laptop or mobile device to connect.

Furthermore, BlueJeans' one touch join experience in meeting rooms removes many of the traditional challenges, making joining a meeting virtually seamless. And, employees who join BlueJeans meetings from rooms equipped with a variety of hardware systems now enjoy a better experience thanks to the work BlueJeans has done to optimize connectivity and ensure a high-quality audio and video experience.

AirAsia employees have taken quickly to using BlueJeans, with usage now off the charts. Imagine the network team’s delight when they saw an increase in adoption without notable impact to the network—something they were able to monitor using BlueJeans Command Center!

As AirAsia grows, BlueJeans can accommodate their needs, allowing the company to focus on its people-centered mission and bridge traditional endpoints while working across different meeting rooms, laptops, and mobile devices for maximum ease of use and productivity.

To learn more, you can read the full AirAsia customer success story. Sign up for your 30-day free trial of BlueJeans today.