I just sent you a video meeting invite..  Why oh, why, are you dialing in by audio?

This thought kept running through my head this past week during my online meetings with external vendors. In typical Blue Jeans fashion, I always want to share how easy and seamless the video conferencing experience can be. Despite my better efforts, I realized that some users are just more accustomed to using an audio bridge. (And while Blue Jeans service can totally account for that, the experience is so much richer when it’s face-to-face).

I forget that not everyone has had the opportunity to get comfortable with video like I have. I’ve been spoiled and can’t imagine going without the dynamic face-to-face interaction with remote colleagues and vendors. Despite my frustration with audio-only, I will concede that there are moments when it is acceptable (and at times preferable) to go audio-only.

  1. By car – Last week I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment but was able to easily dial in via blue tooth into our weekly all-hands meeting.
  2. By illness/jetlag – When you don’t feel you look your best, that certainly affects how you present yourself in online meetings- especially if you do a lot of business travel.
  3. By terrible internet connection – You might be in a remote location where there the network connection isn’t optimum for a quality video call. 

What I appreciate is that our service is an equal opportunity meeting platform. We don’t discriminate and don’t care how you get into a meeting, so long as you’re able to get into it. Yes, I believe that the best online meeting experience is always by video. But it’s great to know that we’ve built flexibility into our service to allow for today’s complex business environment.

Did I miss a good audio-only excuse? Let me know in the comments below.