ConectUS Wireless thrives based on its ability to engage sales agents. The more content it shares with them, the more they can reach out to clients and sell.

The Dallas–based company is an exclusive distributor of Verizon Wireless products and services, which it sells through a network of 100 partners. Agents at these firms rely on videos on demand (VODs) from ConectUS to quickly learn about new products and then offer them to small and mid-size businesses.

To make information easy to digest, the company selects the two or three most prominent features of a product and presents them in a video featuring a Verizon expert. 

“We want [our partner agents] to absorb enough to say, ‘Yes, I can sell that. I have enough information to speak to a client and get them interested,’” says Director of Marketing Neil Farquharson.

But creating VODs became a challenge with the pandemic. Stay-at-home orders kept the company from inviting Verizon experts to its studio or from traveling to see them for an interview.

An Easier Way to Produce Great Videos

To ease disruption to sales, ConectUS explored its virtual options. It adopted BlueJeans Events to record interviews and webinars, preferring its excellent recording capabilities to other solutions.

“BlueJeans was the most innovative of the solutions we looked at,” says Farquharson. 

“The standout feature was that BlueJeans Events records two video streams. There’s the shared display and then the face of the presenter. Other platforms supply only one.”

Because both streams are downloadable as MP4s, it’s easier to edit them and turn them into professional-looking videos.

“We edit out verbal ticks, retakes, and any content that’s not absolutely on point. So we take 40 minutes of good content and edit it down to 12 minutes of fantastic content.”

Engaging Agents with More Content

ConectUS now creates an average of eight VODs a month, including interviews with Verizon experts and edited recordings of live webinars. This is more than double the number it was making before the pandemic.

“We attribute the 400% increase in the average number of viewers who watch each video to the high resolution of our source material from BlueJeans,” says Farquharson. 

With more viewers — and with more videos being created — traffic to ConectUS websites has tripled. 

“Agents are finding more great content and that helps them go out there and have more conversations with clients.”

Creating More with Less

Besides engaging salespeople, ConectUS is saving time and money. 

The company can complete post-production much more quickly because BlueJeans Events delivers synchronized audio and video. In the past, Farquharson and his team would spend a long time trying to get sounds and pictures to sync.

And with just one BlueJeans Events license, the company can run as many interviews as it wants. It no longer has to pay a videographer $600 or more to record each interview in a studio. 

“It’s a fabulous amount of money to save,” according to Farquharson. “The other wonderful thing is that, if I want to use my own professional camera, I can just plug it into BlueJeans and BlueJeans will use it to record an interview or event. The camera acts like a webcam, but I can zoom in and zoom out and move around from person to person.”

A New, Powerful Way to Make Content

Content production is about to get even easier for ConectUS. The company is adopting the new BlueJeans Studio to run events like webinars and to create more VODs.

BlueJeans Studio is an all-in-one solution for producing content and livestreams. It brings powerful production tools to BlueJeans Events to let users create television-quality content and virtual events with a few clicks, and without needing technical knowledge or experience. For ConectUS, this means having more fantastic videos to engage its agents.

“We’re just very excited to try BlueJeans Studio and transform how we create content for our partner agents.”

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