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BlueJeans Command Center Wins 2018 Let’s Do Video Readers’ Choice Award

Today, we’re pleased to announce the BlueJeans Command Center is the winner of the 2018 Let’s Do Video (LDV) Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Videoconferencing Analytics/Management Service or Offering.”

Our customers consistently point to our insight-packed dashboard as a reason for choosing BlueJeans, and this latest honor only reinforces your feelings (and ours!) about our best-in-class enterprise-grade management console.

As an LDV readers’ top choice, the BlueJeans Command Center eliminates much of the management overhead and data gathering that is typically required with other video, web, and audio conferencing deployments.

In November, we introduced some great new features to our command center. With in-meeting analytics, real-time alerts, and live meeting controls, the BlueJeans Command Center provides system administrators with the meeting oversight, real-time system management and quality-driven event insights needed to make the meetings’ experience seamless for all.

Some of our latest features in Command Center include:

  • Quality Alerts: These opt-in alerts will notify admins when adverse network or bandwidth constraints cause meeting quality to fall beyond a certain threshold—instantly pinpointing the source of the problem so steps can be taken to resolve it.
  • Live Auto Refresh: View the most current data at all times, without having to sit there refreshing the page.
  • Instant Quality Scores: When a user indicates a poor meeting experience, IT teams will immediately be notified so they can triage and quickly resolve the issue before it escalates.
  • Scheduled Monthly Reports: With data insights and essential tools, these reports contain usage, call quality, user, location and endpoint data, and other key metrics in a pre-loaded, easy-to-consume format. 
  • Live Meeting Controls: Admins can mute and unmute participants, lock meetings and remotely moderate every aspect of the meeting experience through Command Center to ensure minimal disruption for participants while maximizing meeting productivity.

BlueJeans was also named a finalist by LDV Readers in the following categories:

  • Best Software-Based Videoconferencing Room Service (BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone)
  • Best Cloud Software Videoconferencing Service
  • Best Video Services Partner
  • Best Interoperability Service or Platform

Created by leading analyst David Maldow, Let’s Do Video is a one-stop source for all the best information for driving video-empowered work teams of today. As an important publication to our industry, we’re honored to be recognized for our continued effort to provide customers with an enterprise-grade meeting solution that provides the consumer-grade ease of use we’ve all come to expect.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for BlueJeans in the LDV Readers’ Choice Awards!

To learn more about BlueJeans’ leading enterprise administration capabilities, check out BlueJeans Command Center page and download your free 30-Day Trial today.