Working remotely is becoming more common and more necessary throughout the job force. It's no longer just a key turn solution for freelancers and nomads. Through collaboration software, businesses, schools, and many other types of corporations have found team collaboration tools to be resourceful when working from various locations.
Utilizing team collaboration tools for your meetings has allowed many businesses to open up job opportunities around the world, increased workflow, and allowed for better communication on major projects. The list of benefits users have found when using collaboration tools is seemingly endless.

What are collaboration tools?

Typically digitally designed, collaboration tools allow a group of two or more people to actively do things such as share files, host meetings, brainstorm ideas, and more. As technology upgrades and platforms add features to their solutions, virtual meetings and hybrid work are growing. Specially designed software is rapidly being produced to ensure that collaboration is easy and accessible whether you're a room away or a city, state, or country away.
These tools ensure that no matter your time zone, everyone can be included when working together in order to create results. While there's definitely some grey area on what's considered a collaboration tool, the sky is the limit when it comes to what can become a tool.

Team collaboration tools

When hunting for the best team collaboration tools for remote work, here are our top five that have been successful in optimizing collaboration.
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Collaborative Whiteboard
  • Project Management
Video Conferencing
As a necessary tool for collaboration, video conferencing is the gateway to building strong teamwork. Not only does it provide a face-to-face setting when working, but it encourages users to brainstorm and communicate better. Video-based meetings provide full transparency as well as accountability.
Instant Messaging
Do more than slide into your co-worker's DM's when working together on tasks or projects. Instant messaging features ensure there's a steady streamline of communication throughout the entirety of the project. Team members can send a quick update to the group chat or ask questions as needed without having to take time out of everyone's schedule to address small concerns.
File Sharing
Another important collaboration tool is file sharing. It would be difficult to collaborate if you couldn't easily upload and download important documents. File sharing allows you to keep everyone on the same page as a project develops almost like a checklist.
Collaborative Whiteboard
Having a digital whiteboard is great when hosting virtual meetings. A collaborative whiteboard encourages everyone to participate while working the same way a whiteboard would in person. It gives you real-time notes to brainstorm and pitch ideas to. By creating a digitally intelligent workspace, you can share screens and make notes for each other just like you would in a conference room.
Project Management
Whether you're two feet away or thousands of miles away, having project management is necessary to maintain organization. You can use it to define tasks, set goals, and provide a convenient place for document uploads that everyone needs access to. This ensures there's a virtual headquarters in a sense so that you never lose those important files you're sharing.
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