While remote work productivity soared during the pandemic, many businesses still suffer from a lack of ways to collaborate on complex or abstract problems like they used to in person, costing valuable time and resources trying to communicate. 

Last fall, we commissioned a Momentive study of more than 5,000 individual contributors, front-line managers, and senior executives to understand how the transition to hybrid work has disrupted pre-pandemic workplace norms and identify steps organizations can take to boost employee morale, creativity and productivity. 

The study found that 35.8% of hybrid workers are having less fun with their colleagues now than when they were in the office, and 62.1% are even thinking about changing jobs.   

We quickly began work on a myriad of solutions to this existential problem, one of those being Collab Board—a virtual whiteboard solution directly integrated into BlueJeans Meetings that gives any invited user, in- or out-of-meeting, the ability to collaborate and share boards seamlessly. 

Available today for Meetings customers at no additional cost, Collab Board users can share their in-progress whiteboards with other meeting participants and save progress dynamically to the secure BlueJeans cloud. 

With a variety of different ways for users to express themselves on the board, including drawing, shapes and importing images, users can now collaborate in ways that weren’t previously possible in a virtual meeting. The ability to have up to 1000 users on a single board means distributed teams can now collaborate with real-time updates at all times, and variable access levels ensure minimal disruptions. 

Even better? We recently announced that mobile users can also now access Collab board for brainstorming on the go. Other key features of Collab Board include:

  • Automatic sharing in meetings - Boards are shared automatically in meetings, meaning you don’t have to chase down a colleague to find what decisions were made.
  • Autosave - Start right where you left off with autosaving of boards to the BlueJeans cloud.
  • Enhanced Interactions - Go beyond normal handwriting with the ability to place shapes, sticky notes, images, and more on the board. Link ideas together easily with object connectors to quickly highlight flows or processes.
  • Access Anywhere You Work - The Collab Board is supported across a number of devices including Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and web browsers (Android coming soon!) 
  • Out of Meeting Access - Access Collab Boards or create new ones outside of meetings on Mac and Windows via the Dashboard Sidebar.
  • Presence Indicators - See what other participants are working on with colorful presence cursors
  • Board Permissions - Ensure the right people can interact with the board with variable roles ranging from an owner to a viewer to ensure that you ca
  • Enterprise level security - All boards are stored safely and securely in the Bluejeans cloud and are associated with your BlueJeans account.

With the growth of distributed teams and the need to collaborate virtually becoming more crucial by the day, virtual whiteboards are here to stay. 

Learn how to unleash team creativity with Collab Board and sign up for your free trial today.