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CIBNOR Unifies Multiple Locations with Interoperable Conferencing Service

Established in 1975 and specializing biological sciences, CIBNOR (The Northwestern Center for Biological Research) is one of Mexico’s most important teaching and research centers. As part of a larger network of centers belonging to Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT)—Mexico's entity in charge of the promotion of scientific and technological activities—CIBNOR is considered one of the country’s top think tanks and contributes to the development of Mexico through academic programs, research, and links to the public, private, social, and academic sectors.

Working within CONACYT’s network of approximately 4,800 scientific and technical personnel, 150 postgraduate studies, and 17,000 students, CIBNOR provides biological science training to students of diverse geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds within four academic divisions: Aquaculture, Agriculture in Arid Zones, Fisheries Ecology and Environmental Planning and Conservation. Its graduates are highly-skilled, analytical professionals who often enroll in advanced studies at the world’s leading universities.

Keeping in line with CIBNOR's pluralistic roots, CIBNOR’s organizational structure promotes purity in leadership and innovation. It was in this spirit that Roberto Carlos Morales, IT Manager at CIBNOR began investigating more efficient, reliable services for conducting modern, face-to-face video calls with researchers, students and professors worldwide.

Seeking to improve upon the reliability, audio quality and effectiveness of Skype for Business, which was being used by students and professors to conduct interviews and exams with mixed results, Morales knew that the new conferencing service needed to be simple to use and reliable—this led him to BlueJeans.

BlueJeans now easily supports CIBNOR's interactive webinars and long distance learning courses. Seeing BlueJeans’ simplicity and reliability, other departments, like finance and accounting, also abandoned Skype and started using it to connect and collaborate with remote colleagues. This momentum has helped increase video conference usage by 67% in three years. With its consistent, one-touch user interface, BlueJeans is even used by the government, when needed, to communicate with and evaluate CIBNOR employees.

Today, CIBNOR and the network of centers have 2,000 BlueJeans licenses and an ever expanding user base. “By continually evolving and innovating on what’s possible, BlueJeans is helping people simply communicate better,” says Morales.

After purchasing BlueJeans licenses, IT staff quickly discovered the platform’s potential to change the way people throughout CIBNOR collaborate. Led by Morales, they promoted BlueJeans video calling and encouraged researchers, students and professors across centers and other, globally dispersed locations, to use the new service. “BlueJeans’ ability to connect desktops and tablets with video conferencing equipment was very beneficial. Even when we experienced very low bandwidth, the app still supported productive, voice-only meetings,” says Morales. He also cites Command Center, BlueJeans’ comprehensive analytics and usage dashboard, as a critical tool for not only determining travel savings (a government mandate) and calculating ROI, but justifying budget spent on BlueJeans.

Due to BlueJeans’ cloud-based architecture, multi-vendor system interoperability, and consistent user interface, IT personnel and users alike quickly discovered how easy it is to deploy and use. The video and audio quality alone went far beyond what they were used to. In addition, conducting video calls from conference rooms became so simple for users that IT personnel were no longer burdened by ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting. “With a click, you’re in a BlueJeans meeting using whatever device you have. It’s so easy,” explains Morales.

Most important, CIBNOR estimates using BlueJeans has contributed to $630,000 USD in savings on travel and travel-related expenses.

For more information, read the full case study here. Download your free trial of BlueJeans today!