Unearth the tricks and treasures to video conferencing with a guide designed for vets and rookies. Whether you’re new to remote work or drive decisions for your IT group, the BlueJeans Guide to Video Conferencing shares insider dos and don’ts for quality collaboration, every time.
No doubt there’s lots to absorb if you’re tasked with finding the right video meeting software, so follow these chapters to launch your new solution with speed and confidence.
Below is a snapshot summary of what you’ll find in the guide:
Types of Video Conferencing Solutions
“Video conferencing” can refer to several types of meetings between individuals or groups located in different places. Mobile, desktop, browser-based, and room system video conferencing bring unlimited value to end users and admins whether joining in a fixed location or on the move.
Video Conferencing Use Cases
Project scrums, customer calls, talent acquisition, extended staff meetings, and 1:1s happen every day in the virtual working world. Learn about the many types of video conferences you can host from meeting rooms, in remote settings, or in a mobile environment.
Insights and Analytics
Troubleshooting and managing a video conferencing system is critical for IT and facilities organizations to monitor their environments. Learn about the centralized dashboards that serve as a control tower for video meetings so teams can maintain deployments from anywhere.
Host and Join Tips
Get every meeting started properly to ensure a great user experience. From lighting, to webcams, to headsets, these tips will steer you in the right direction when joining virtual meetings with internal or external audiences. Get more advice by reading our video conferencing tips and tricks blog posts.
Video Conferencing Adoption
Creating a user adoption strategy guarantees satisfaction within your business and is a great way to prove ROI on your video conferencing solution. After you’ve purchased your new product, the next steps are awareness, training, and adoption. Read this chapter to accelerate adoption by helping new users rapidly master your video conferencing software.
Evaluating Video Conferencing Vendors
Here are the leading video conferencing features used by successful organizations. Look for these key components when searching the market for a best-of-breed video meeting solution. Keep in mind that it’s important that you find a vendor that fits well with your existing technologies, spatial constraints, and digital productivity initiatives.
Glossary and Terminology
Don’t get lost in the wide world of industry terms — this list will help you understand the definitions and phrases used for all aspects of video conferencing.

Read the BlueJeans Comprehensive Guide to Video Conferencing to find the right video conferencing solution for you.

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