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Capture What Matters: Your New Work-Life Balance

Imagine attending a fraction of your weekly meetings. Now, imagine finishing a project in half the time.

Even better…imagine doing more of the activities that matter most to you—evening plans with friends, family fun, health and fitness—and actually being present for them.

Productivity needs an upgrade, because no one should waste any more time in meetings. Especially when you consider the reason that you’re joining a particular meeting. Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I joining because I will be a key, active and productive participant in this meeting? Or am I just joining for ‘fear of missing out’ in the chance there’s something I may need to hear?”

Better yet, how many times have you said, “I really could have skipped that meeting” after the fact?  

There’s no getting around it—meetings aren’t going away anytime soon. So how can we leverage technology to create better human interactions in meetings?

Invitations ad nauseam
Regardless of business size, any results-oriented department sustains a barrage of meeting invites in each workday. The trouble is, pivotal meeting moments aren’t captured effectively enough to synthesize the crux of the conversation. Even the best scribe on your team is bound to personal bias and inaccuracies. This leads to meeting redundancy, and worse, it leads to a colossal time suck. Lots can be said during a 30-minute conversation. But if there’s no way to save and extract the high value moments, your meetings blend into a soup of buzzwords and shop talk. “What did we just decide in there?” - said everyone’s internal monologue.  

The consequence is a culture of meeting repetition: meet, re-meet, repeat. Net productivity suffers because more time is spent talking about the work than executing on it.

Think about that—All the time you and your team should’ve spent cranking out quality work was just wasted on talking. Talking???

The aftermath is an endless catch-up cycle—a logjam of emails, requests, and neglected deadlines. By 5 p.m. the clock says, “happy hour,” but your inbox says, “double shot espresso” and a mile-long checklist of work to get done. Frequently, work spills into your free time, because there aren’t enough hours in the day to make up for meeting overkill.

But if improvements to technology have enabled more businesses to adopt virtual meetings over the past decade, shouldn’t this same meeting technology also restore your economy of time? We think so.

Get your time back
You know that wonderful feeling when a meeting gets cancelled? It’s the emotional byproduct of getting part of your life back. Calendar vacancies are your chance to invest in what’s possible—those activities you need to focus on in your work life, and more importantly, those activities you look forward to in your personal life.

BlueJeans wants you to reclaim your calendar and free up your workday. We aspire to help you achieve the next level of efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance, and by combining artificial intelligence with crowd-sourcing capabilities, we can do just that.

Stay tuned this fall to learn how BlueJeans will allow you to capture your most essential meeting moments, so that you can attend fewer, faster, smarter meetings. #getsmart