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Can you see my screen? Hosting Conference Calls with Confidence

Mindful meeting leaders know that meetings take up precious time that people would rather spend working. These are the leaders who like to run meetings like a well-oiled machine. They keep meetings short, they have an agenda to share with participants, and they set deadlines and expectations ahead of time to ensure everyone is prepared. They have enormous respect for the participants’ time, and they find ways to give back time to their team members by using the tools at their disposal.

Meeting masterminds, meeting ninjas, meeting mavens—whatever you want to call them—are highly valued by their teams. They’re often capable of running a video meeting and making you feel as comfortable as though they are meeting you in person. This conferencing confidence is possible with a technology that you can always rely on. BlueJeans provides a simple, smart and trusted video conferencing solution to make you a truly effective meeting host, turning your weekly scrums and daily standups painless and easy for everyone.

BlueJeans Smart Meetings Highlights empower attendees to come prepared to meetings and keep track of deliverables and action items. If someone isn’t completely essential to the conversation, offer them the choice to opt out by summarizing notes with access to Action Items and Meeting Highlights. Now, you’ve given them precious time back to get their work done.

Simplifying workflows and improving productivity are central to BlueJeans’ software integrations. Rather than navigating multiple application windows, discuss ongoing projects by fully embedding the BlueJeans Meeting experience into project trackers and Kanban boards. Share content wirelessly using simple join strings from the room systems of your choice. Share videos on the fly either from a webpage or by uploading the video to the BlueJeans Cloud. And get the most out of the tools you work with every day, integrated with BlueJeans for seamless workflows.

BlueJeans empowers meetings for the modern workplace, for the meeting leader who aspires to conduct effective, useful meetings. We support this by eliminating the distractions and clutter that come from typical conferencing solutions, allowing you and your participants to be comfortable and engaged. Build relationships with your attendees, tackle agenda items with ease and complete projects with efficiency. With our innovations across meetings in the desktop, mobile and room systems, elevate your meeting expertise and graduate to having fewer, faster and smarter conference calls.

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