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Calculating Video Conferencing ROI using BlueJeans Command Center

When it comes to SaaS-based video conferencing, how can IT leaders and business analysts answer the big ROI question? There’s more than one way to look at ROI, but nothing beats real data and actually drilling down to illuminate specific, business-related metrics. In today’s enterprise IT landscape, analytics rule, which means it’s more important than ever to justify your video meetings investment using hard ROI numbers that are available when you need them. 

Delivering ROI: Getting Data from BlueJeans Command Center
Given the power and scope of today’s video conference platforms, coupled with industry trends, it’s important for IT departments to track and evaluate video usage in a way that quickly and accurately sheds light on real-time and historical data. With a centralized dashboard – like BlueJeans Command Center – IT teams have the live service intelligence to visualize, measure and manage their entire BlueJeans deployment in one place.

Command Center provides a deep level of analytical detail critical to accurately calculating ROI. This includes meeting performance, the number of meeting minutes, network conditions, geography based ratings and endpoint count. Travel-related savings are tallied as well – including how reduced travel is improving your carbon footprint. This information is invaluable for proving the various ways that you are achieving a positive ROI with BlueJeans.  

Video Conferencing ROI: Real Customer Outcomes

Red Hat
Using more than 10 million BlueJeans meeting minutes every month, Red Hat – the world's leading provider of enterprise open source solutions – confirmed the value BlueJeans delivers using Command Center. The sheer volume of users clearly show Red Hat’s workforce is onboard with BlueJeans. IT leaders at Red Hat also watch usage trends by department and location while tracking which endpoints – desktops, mobile devices and room systems – employees use to join meetings.

Financial software giant, Intuit, realized 40% savings year over year in annual travel costs, while improving global workforce productivity by conducting 20,000+ meetings monthly – all through Command Center.​ Additionally, Command Center’s remote, live meeting monitoring reduced the IT burden of providing in-person support and troubleshooting room-based meetings in multiple locations.

By achieving a whopping 188% growth in BlueJeans meeting usage in just one year, Grubhub – a leading web commerce platform for ordering and delivering take-out food – used Command Center to confirm employee appetite for reliable, easily accessible meetings using multiple endpoints. Such widespread adoption confirms that employees and teams are indeed working together in more collaborative, personal and productive ways, regardless of location.

Providing enterprises with superior transparency into their ROI, Command Center is the real-time intelligence tool designed with the needs of today’s SaaS conferencing deployments in mind. The nerve center of BlueJeans, it delivers transparent, in-depth insight so IT leaders can drive digital transformation and continuously improve employee productivity with an eye toward the future.

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