Business video conferencing is getting more important every year. In 2020, many businesses were forced to repurpose live meetings and events and make them virtual. Video conferencing has many advantages, even when live meetings are possible. Video conferencing for small business lets anyone leverage the same technology used by large companies. If you want to make the most of this technology, you should look for the best business video conferencing solution for your business.
What is Business Video Conferencing?
Video conferencing is any communication between people in different locations that includes video (and usually audio) capabilities. Businesses often use this technology for online meetings, conferences, webinars, and virtual events. This technology allows participants to access video calls using any device that's connected to the internet and that has a camera and microphone. The exact process for setting up video conferences varies depending on the software or platform you're using. However, they all follow the same basic steps.
  • Open the app or program that you're using. Your contacts will need the same app (such as Facetime, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype).
  • Send invitations to the people you want to contact. Depending on the setup, you can invite people via text, phone, email, or app notification. For spontaneous video calls, you can simply contact them. For meetings and planned events, you'll want to send invitations ahead of time.
  • Invitees will receive a link that tells them how to join the call or meeting.
Why is Business Video Conferencing Important for Business?
There are many reasons why so many businesses are using video conferencing software.
Why is Business Video Conferencing Important for Business?
There are many reasons why so many businesses are using video conferencing software.
  • It allows employees who are working remotely to check in from any location. More businesses are working with remote employees and freelancers than ever before. In fact, remote work increased by 400% in the last decade. While this is a convenient way to work, you need a reliable way to stay in touch.
  • It lets you set up meetings with clients in distant locations. Webinars, online seminars, and video conferences are great for explaining your products and services and answering questions.
  • Hold virtual events. Whether or not live events resume again soon, online events are cheaper to organize and allow people to attend from any location.
  • It allows people using different devices and platforms to easily communicate.
  • Video conferencing is the closest thing to meeting in person. Unlike phone calls, you can look people in the eye, smile, and observe body language and facial expressions.
How to Choose Conferencing Software for Your Business?
You have many choices for video conferencing. There are popular apps such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype. Each platform has its benefits and drawbacks. Keep in mind that an app or software that's good for socializing may not be the best business solution. When you're setting up a video conference call or meeting, you want to make sure everything works seamlessly. You also want to be sure that your connection is secure, which isn't always the case with free apps.
What is the best video conferencing for business?
BlueJeans Meetings is a flexible conferencing software for cloud-based meetings of all kinds. It provides tools that are simple and scalable. It has useful features such as enterprise-level security, dynamic content sharing, and flexible plans to meet your needs. For example, the best video conferencing for small business doesn't necessarily work for larger companies that have large meetings. BlueJeans is scalable, letting you choose the plan that suits your needs.
Another convenient feature of BlueJeans is that it integrates with many other communication apps and social media platforms, including Slack, LinkedIn, Workplace for Facebook, Facebook Live, and Microsoft Teams. This lets you and the people you're connecting with make the best use of their existing software and hardware systems.
Enjoy the Benefits of Business Video Conferencing
Anyone with the need to communicate with customers, employees, or team members can benefit by using the latest business video conferencing software. As webinars, virtual events, and remote work continue to expand, it becomes ever more important to have technology that supports your needs. You want to be able to stay in touch with your contacts wherever they may be in a way that's efficient and secure.