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Bot on Computer

Bots are everywhere we (figuratively) turn on the Internet. Designed to perform automated tasks that are either too time-consuming or too mundane for the average human, bots are often used to perform simple and repetitive tasks. And while they tend to get a bad reputation for spreading malicious software or overtaking the comments section of your company blog, not all bots are bad.

In fact, bots can be good when used to increase productivity and eliminate time spent switching between tasks. As part of our effort to help facilitate meetings for the modern workplace, BlueJeans has implemented several bots in external applications, making it easier than ever to start a meeting from wherever you may be working.

Slack + BlueJeans

With the BlueJeans bot for Slack, users can launch a video meeting from any channel or direct message. Simply type the slash command /bluejeans to activate the bot and start your personal BlueJeans meeting. Or, for those who aren’t well versed in the notion of slash commands, use the Slack “call” button to easily launch BlueJeans from the chat application.

Workplace + BlueJeans

Starting meetings in Workplace Chat is easy too! Tell Workplace to begin your meeting by typing @bluejeans into the chat box. The bot will automatically begin your BlueJeans meeting, allowing you to quickly and easily speak with the people you were chatting with moments before. 

Microsoft Teams + BlueJeans

Use Microsoft Teams instead? Easily schedule and launch BlueJeans video meetings directly in Teams with the @BlueJeans command. Use it to create meetings, invite everyone in the channel, and join directly from the chat application.

HipChat + BlueJeans

For those using HipChat, meetings can begin on BlueJeans without ever leaving the chat application. Simply click “Meet Now on BlueJeans” to activate the bot and enter your BlueJeans meeting room—making it easy and fast to connect with teammates.

When used appropriately, bots can be a game-changer for your productivity. It takes time to agree to a video meeting, close the chat application, send a calendar invite to a BlueJeans meeting, and then wait for everyone to accept the invitation and join the video call. With this friendly set of bots, you can save minutes every single time you need to meet with others—ultimately saving hours of your life each year. 

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