Have you ever been in a crunch and needed to use a video conferencing platform that met your expectations? Are you tired of using the webcam that comes with the computer that makes you look like you were in a video game in the 1980’s? We have come up with a solution that solves for both of those issues. 

Introducing Meetings+, a hardware and software bundle for a low monthly price. These products are curated to work with all of your systems and computers whether you are a WFH employee are going into an office 5 days a week and everything in between. Leading this program is the award winning brand, Owl Labs. 

Owl Labs partnered with us using their Meeting Owl Pro (MOP) webcam that features a 360-degree camera on the top of the unit. The MOP boasts a Tri-Speaker array and 8 omni directional microphones. Topping off the MOP you are able to connect your computer and use any application with it. No need to be handcuffed to a particular vendor or service with this Bring Your Own Device platform.

BlueJeans Enterprise Meetings delivers crystal clear sound with our Dolby Voice codec and Spatial Audio software. This has internal noise blocking software that cancels out any impulsive sounds so that you have full focus on what is being delivered in the meeting. Have up to 200 participants, record meetings and create meeting highlights.

BlueJeans and Owl Labs are a perfect pair. Utilizing Dolby Voice from BlueJeans and the 360 degree camera from Owl Labs, you will be able to see and hear everything thats going on in the conference room. You’ll be there without actually being there. 

Meetings+ with Owl Labs is available now. Act fast and purchase before the end of 2022 to get 3 Enterprise Meetings Licenses and 1 Meeting Owl Pro for $29 per month for 3 years. Starting on Jan 1, 2023 that price will increase to $39 a month for 3 years.