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Build Better Teams and Enhance Company Culture with Video

As Anne M. Mulcahy, the former CEO of Xerox, once stated, “Employees are a company’s greatest asset—they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain them with the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.” And today, most companies do regard their employees as the greatest asset they have. With the right team, chances are high that you will have an edge in your niche.

And let’s face it, one of the greatest risks for any company is recruiting someone who is not a good fit for the business. They can reduce revenue, lower productivity and employee morale, and add significant cost related to replacing them once they voluntarily (or even involuntarily) leave the company. As recruiters, we know the impact that bad hires can have, but it’s often difficult to know who fits, and who doesn’t, when searching, filtering, and screening candidates.

What if there was a way to easily determine who would make a good fit, before ever bringing them into the office? With video conferencing, there is. Here at BlueJeans, we utilize our own video conferencing technology every day within our Talent Acquisition team. Whether it’s an initial call or a full round of interviews, using BlueJeans allows us to meet candidates face-to-face—something not possible with the traditional phone interview. Video conferencing also offers other key benefits, which is why 6 in 10 HR managers use video to interview candidates at least once before bringing them on-site. 

Assess Candidate Fit

Although we are living in a global economy and want to be able to attract quality candidates dispersed around the globe, it is important to feel as though you are in the same room with the candidate in order to accurately assess their skills and performance. With video conferencing, face-to-face conversations are possible, helping the candidates to get a firsthand look at the people and culture, and helping managers determine if they are the right fit for the company. Through active two-way engagements, it is easier for both parties to determine if the role is a good fit.

Save Time and Money

Conducting interviews through video conferencing saves the candidate the trouble of traveling, which is costly both in time and money. Ordinarily, the company is expected to facilitate the travel and accommodation arrangements for the interviewers or candidate. With travel alone taking up to half of the recruitment budget, imagine how much money could be saved by conducting interviews over video instead. 

Even with local candidates, video can save hours of time for hiring managers, as they can quickly meet with potential employees back-to-back, without spending time bringing them into the office, giving them the tour, introducing them to other employees, and then conducting the interview. Think of how productive your hiring teams could be if they could meet with fifteen people each day instead of only eight.

Enhance Company Culture

As more companies expand globally and focus on providing options for flexible working, video will grow into a larger part of the company culture. Unfortunately, many employees are not prepared for this when they begin their first day. When I first joined BlueJeans, I was surprised at the number of meetings held over video, and we’re a video conferencing company! 

Hosting interviews over video is an excellent way to prepare candidates for that aspect of the company culture, making them more comfortable with the idea before they even join the company. Video calls allow coworkers to build closer connections and better relationships, ultimately increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. With the expectation that video is engrained into company culture, new employees will be more prepared—and likely more willing—to use it from the start.

Implementing Video for Your Interviews

Using video to screen candidates and conduct formal interviews creates an environment where both parties feel as though they are on neutral common ground. This enables authentic conversations to take place, which in turn helps in building trust through candid face-to-face interactions. Implementing a video strategy is easy and simple, and it can have a drastic impact on your business, ultimately helping you hire the right people.

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