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BTG Fosters Imaginative Healthcare Using BlueJeans for Digital Collaboration

At BTG, employees are encouraged to think differently. As a global healthcare and technology company focused on making a real difference in people’s lives through Interventional Medicine—a fast growing field of minimally invasive, image-guided procedures used to treat a range of conditions—innovation is taken seriously.

Tasked with finding new, imaginative ways to treat diseases to improve patient health, the cumulative ideas of employees and leadership at BTG has already led to major advancements in the treatment of cancer, vascular conditions, and severe emphysema. As such, for BTG employees, the next “big idea” is always top of mind.

It’s this relentless curiosity installed in every employee that sets BTG apart—and it’s being driven by a digital-first mindset. Whereas many drug and device manufacturers see digital as drug-branded applications, or as a component of a disease awareness campaign, BTG sees digital both as a way to support working and as a new area of the healthcare landscape in which its team can develop positive results.

Whether it’s bringing significant medical advances to market or modernizing the way employees collaborate with internal stakeholders, partners and customers, the key to driving digital success within the company lies in the hands of BTG’s people and the way they work together. And with offices spread across 20+ sites, and a large field workforce in place, this meant Dan Woodhouse, Head of IT Services, BTG, and his team needed to identify an easier and more efficient way for the entire organization to communicate and get work done. This drove them to look at BlueJeans cloud-based video and audio-conferencing meetings solution.

We wanted to deliver modern video conferencing. Anyone could do it from their car, their office—anywhere in the world. They could easily interact face to face, share content, collaborate live,” said Woodhouse.

Prior to this digital-first shift, the team managed a disparate communications environment featuring traditional, multi-vendor audio conferencing, as well as video conferencing supported by WebEx with Polycom endpoints. Using these tools required external audio bridge connections and dial-in numbers, which often proved difficult for both users and the IT personnel expected to support and troubleshoot. Further compounding the problem, BTG had inherited technology and services from several companies over a seven-year period—resulting in fragmented users, interpersonal collaboration challenges and no single solution for everyone across the company to rely on.

Ultimately, this made switching to BlueJeans an easy decision for BTG. By delivering a single source of video, audio and web conferencing to every user, the BlueJeans Meetings platform made pre-existing audio conferencing and collaboration software redundant, saving BTG an average of £30,000 annually. The deployment also includes BlueJeans Rooms, which provides BTG with a high-quality room system experience by featuring immersive Dolby audio with BlueJeans’ best-of-breed interoperability, as well as BlueJeans Events for hosting monthly, company-wide town hall meetings.

The transition process was also seamless. Where originally the IT team planned to migrate to BlueJeans Meetings from their existing services over a 6-month period, the user adoption rate climbed to 50% after just the first month, with positive feedback coming in, so the rollout period was shortened from six to three months. Even better, approximately 50% of BTG's meetings now use video vs. audio-only, which has enabled a big cultural shift in helping people communicate better internally at BTG.

Today, BlueJeans is a part of BTG’s larger digital strategy—one where digital efficacy is not only expected, it’s celebrated. To help stimulate digital thinking across the entire organization and encourage all employees to think broadly about how digital can add value, BTG hosts an annual crowdsourcing program (“Innovators Challenge”), where any and all employees are asked to submit ideas for a technology that might help BTG’s business—whether that’s directly assisting a patient in their healthcare journey, helping a provider select an intervention, or collecting data that creates the value case to the payer.

BTG also holds digital boot camps for cross-functional or dedicated teams throughout the organization in order to get to know the people who understand their patients and customers to get them adopt digital strategies.

By leveraging digital to create leading technology-enabled treatments and services that will save lives, BTG is truly leading the way in healthcare transformation. We’re honored to be a part of their larger digital health ecosystem and can’t wait to see what their teams accomplish next!

Learn more about BTG’s approach to digital in this video from BTG’s VP of Digital Innovation, Amanda Goltz and read the full BTG case study.

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