BlueJeans Rooms Using Relay

Video is everywhere. Facebook has Facebook Live. Twitter has Periscope. Tumblr has Tumblr Live. The upsurge of live video communication on social media platforms has transformed the way we communicate. Many interesting examples of its impact have taken place. From capturing road rage on camera, to the UK's biggest "Virtual Santa's Lap" event, where thousands of children throughout the country talked to Santa via a live video stream, we’ve seen video used in a variety of ways.

With live video being integrated into our day-to-day lives, it’s never been more important for employers to pick up on this movement and utilize it within the workplace. But, this doesn’t appear to be happening as 95% of businesses still rely mostly on audio. Why? Traditionally, there has been too much friction in video. For example:

  • In many organizations, video is often confined to the boardroom.
  • Eight to fifteen minutes of every video meeting is typically wasted connecting participants.
  • Every room system operates a little differently, often compounding problems and causing headaches for users and IT personnel who must manage each system separately.
  • No one has time to reserve, test, and moderate everyday meetings leading to unnecessary inconvenience.

As we move into 2017, this should not be the case. Video communications should be simple, efficient, and almost omniscient. This is why we’ve launched BlueJeans Rooms, which will change everything! Rooms was designed from the ground up to remove all obstacles to live video adoption while adding features that help facilitate productivity. The result is a system that essentially gives every employee his or her own personal assistant for each meeting and takes away the video tax—the time historically consumed to set up a call.

Because users are recognized when they enter the meeting room, BlueJeans Rooms can automatically initiate live video conversations. Regardless of whether people are using their desktop, mobile device, or are in a video-enabled room, this intelligent video solution delivers the same great user experience.

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