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Boost Productivity with Microsoft and BlueJeans

BlueJeans and Microsoft Partnership

BlueJeans may be the meetings platform for the modern workplace, but that wouldn’t be the case without our partners. Integrations with companies like Dolby, Facebook, Atlassian, and Microsoft ensure that the digital workplace is connected and provides a seamless experience, no matter which application you’re using. As we continue to grow our partnerships with organizations around the world, we want to showcase how we’re working with one company in particular: Microsoft.

For customers of both Microsoft and BlueJeans, its vital for the two platforms to be connected. Microsoft Office 365 is the collaboration hub for thousands of organizations worldwide, and as a certified Microsoft Partner, BlueJeans complements Microsoft deployments and existing room system hardware with one-touch video meetings. Take a look to see the multiple ways you can connect BlueJeans and Microsoft for the optimal meeting experience.

Launch BlueJeans from Microsoft Teams Chat

The BlueJeans Meetings Bot for Microsoft Teams allows users to launch, join, and invite anyone to a BlueJeans meeting from within any Microsoft Teams channel. Simply mention @bluejeans and add a keyword like “meet” to kick off a BlueJeans meeting that all users in the conversation can join.

Bring Rooms into Microsoft Teams Meetings

Connect with anyone from anywhere, no matter whether they are joining from a desktop computer or a room system. With the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams, users can seamlessly bring Teams into any standards-based (SIP and H.323) conference room. Set it up for any new or existing conference room and enjoy both calendar integration and one-touch join straight from the device touch panel.

Schedule Meetings Easily with Microsoft Office 365

Improve productivity and collaboration with built-in features from your Office 365 calendar. BlueJeans leverages the Microsoft 365 ecosystem to bring easy scheduling to Outlook for Windows, Mac, and Outlook online. Once IT centrally deploys BlueJeans and gives one-click meeting access to everyone, it’s easy to schedule a video meeting in any calendar invitation. Meeting hosts and attendees can then click a link in the invitation itself to easily join—no extra download required. 

With each of these features, BlueJeans makes it easier for Microsoft users to drive productivity in their organization. Install all of the features that are useful to your deployment, and see how easy it is to switch from Microsoft to BlueJeans and back again.

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