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BlueJeans & Zoho for Sales Workflow: Faster Meeting Scheduling, Better Contact Insights

Cutting down the number of steps for sales reps to schedule meetings and send invitations is critical for managing prospects. BlueJeans and Zoho CRM now offer an integrated experience for sales and support teams to create and adjust meeting times, as well as include recordings and analytics within the Zoho CRM contact record. Rather than toggling between multiple windows to schedule or reschedule a meeting, the BlueJeans and Zoho CRM integration supports simple, organized sales calls from within one application. Post-meeting tracking shows attendee count, join times, and duration for a complete record in Zoho CRM.

To learn more about this new BlueJeans partnership, read our Q&A with Zoho's product manager, Chinmaya Biramanantham, about the Zoho CRM integration:

Q: What is Zoho CRM?

CB: Zoho's multichannel CRM caters to sales teams of all sizes, with built-in AI capabilities that help your business strengthen customer relationships, increase sales and drive revenue.

An easy to use sales solution, Zoho CRM brings you the best of Lead management and marketing automation functionalities to engage your customers along with deep customization features that lets you mold Zoho CRM to reflect your business processes. This is complemented with a wide range of automation that lets you effectively streamline and automate your business processes, as well as an in-depth Analytics system that lets you measure how every aspect of your business is performing.

Q: Are video meetings a more effective way for sales teams to host sales calls (as opposed to audio-only/phone calls)?

CB: Video calls can be a more effective means for sales team to host sales calls as it allows for a more personal, face-to-face interaction. It allows them to host meetings, deliver presentations and demos for a more interactive engagement and helps in successfully moving the prospect closer to a deal. However, one of the toughest parts of the sales meetings is the number of applications one must use for scheduling the meeting. Typically, this is done by scheduling the meeting using an online application and repeating the process on the CRM. And if the meeting gets rescheduled, sales reps need to repeat the process in both the applications.

Q: How do Zoho CRM and BlueJeans work together to tackle these challenges?

CB: To modernize the meeting experience for sales reps and prospects, Zoho launched the MeetingBridge platform at InfoComm 2019. The platform enables online meeting solution vendors like BlueJeans to integrate their application with Zoho CRM and provide an easy, seamless meeting experience to Zoho CRM users.

BlueJeans was chosen to be among Zoho's launch partners owing to its global popularity and leadership in the online meeting and web conferencing category. Together, BlueJeans and Zoho CRM worked on integrating features and functionalities that enables Zoho CRM users schedule and launch online meetings directly in their familiar interface and workflow.

Q: What does the workflow look like for the sales end user?

CB: Zoho CRM users can now connect their BlueJeans Meeting application to the CRM and enjoy seamless modern meeting experience from within their Zoho CRM interface. Options are provided inside Zoho CRM to create, alter or cancel an online meeting powered by BlueJeans. The user doesn't need to switch between two applications anymore. Detailed post-event analytics are provided inside Zoho CRM along with the option to share BlueJeans recordings created through Zoho.

Q: Is the integration difficult to set up?

CB: No. The admin just needs to search for the BlueJeans extension in Zoho Marketplace and click on enable. The integration is then enabled for all Zoho CRM users.

Q: What is the benefit for the sales end user?

CB: The integration enables sales and support professionals to:

  • Create or reschedule BlueJeans meetings from within Zoho CRM
  • Share meeting details with prospects/customers in one click
  • Join meetings directly from Zoho CRM application window
  • Track meeting analytics such as attendance data and other important insights to improve the effectiveness of meetings or share the meeting data with his/her colleagues
  • Improve communication with prospects and customers to shorten the sales cycle
  • Enhance collaboration between various internal teams
  • Recorded meetings can easily be shared with anyone critical to the sales cycle

Want to improve your sales workflows? Try BlueJeans for Zoho CRM today!