Today, we’re excited to share a new video series that highlights the most popular BlueJeans Meetings features. These quick tutorials describe how to use key features and offer tips for how to best experience the magic of BlueJeans.

A well-structured virtual meeting provides an extremely effective platform for teams to come together, collaborate, and make decisions. BlueJeans Meetings’ rich feature set unlocks the full capabilities of online meetings and empowers users to get their best work done. Some of the key meeting features like Breakout Sessions, Recordings, Meeting highlights, Virtual Backgrounds and Participant Reactions enhance meeting productivity across a wide variety of use cases including internal discussions, team building meetings, sales presentations, product demos and much more.

Check out the videos here at BlueJeans Meetings Videos, then head over to our YouTube Channel to explore more. Here’s detailed description of the playlist, with links to each video:

Virtual Backgrounds

Wherever you decide to work from, adding diversity to your meeting background helps reduce distractions in virtual meetings. Add a virtual background or blur your surroundings with this convenient feature in BlueJeans Meetings.


Never miss a beat. Record everything that occurs in a meeting—audio, video, and screen sharing for playback later.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions open the virtual meeting space to a world of new possibilities with the ability to break away and collaborate in smaller groups.

Dolby Voice

Dolby Voice delivers an exceptionally clear audio experience to BlueJeans Meetings users by amplifying the speaker’s voice and suppressing any unnecessary background noise.

Smart Meetings

Improve the overall effectiveness of every meeting with BlueJeans in-app intelligence that helps meeting participants capture the most important discussions points, assign action items, and consume meeting summaries.

Content Sharing

The exciting world of online meetings is more engaging when the presenter shares content. BlueJeans Meetings provides an outstanding set of features and tools to facilitate more interactive meetings.

Mobile Experience

BlueJeans Mobile App provides a powerful, fully featured solution on iOS and Android devices for improved performance and reliability on the go.

Secure Meetings

BlueJeans offers a comprehensive suite of security capabilities to ensure that your private meetings remain private.

Participant Reactions

Non-verbal communication is important to enable successful meeting outcomes as well as strengthen business relationships. Add thumbs up, smile, clap, celebrate, & vote yes/no in your meetings.

Enhanced Gallery View

In larger meetings, display up to 25 participant video tiles at the same time for a more engaging meeting experience.


The accessibility features in BlueJeans Meetings offer a more inclusive experience for participants with different hearing and visual abilities.

Interactive Video Tiles

Boost collaboration in your virtual meetings with interactive video tiles– spotlight, direct message, pin participants, or display participant local time

Join a BlueJeans Meeting

Joining a BlueJeans Meeting is simple and quick. Learn several ways to quickly join a meeting – through calendar invite, desktop app or simply using meeting ID and passcode.

In-Meeting Controls

BlueJeans Meetings provides a range of in-meeting controls that can be used to enhance the overall meeting experience.

We hope this new video series helps you make the most of your BlueJeans Meetings. For the full BlueJeans Meetings feature list, compare what is available in each subscription plan here.