New pricing


We are excited to announce several exciting new pricing updates that will empower more organizations across the globe with the ability to provide audiences with highly interactive, production-grade virtual events.   

For good reason, virtual event adoption has skyrocketed during the pandemic.  That being said, recent research from Forrester acknowledges that only 51% of survey participants are currently satisfied with their virtual event platform, highlighting a massive opportunity for improvement.  The reality is that while in-person events are slowly returning, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, and organizations are demanding a livestreaming events solution partner that can better meet their needs.   

At BlueJeans, we realize that simply delivering a video stream to a distributed audience doesn’t cut it. That’s why we have developed, and continue to enhance, our world-class BlueJeans Events platform to give virtual hosts unmatched capabilities to engage attendees, deliver broadcast-quality production, and scale to industry-leading capacity.   

As a part of our ongoing commitment to increasing customer value, we are introducing brand new price points for BlueJeans Events that will make it easier for organizations of all sizes to experience the power and performance of our industry-leading platform.  Starting today, you can find the following 100, 200, and 500-attendee BlueJeans Events plans available on our eCommerce store.  Price points have also been updated for our plans up to 150,000 attendees and we encourage you to contact us if you are interested in learning more.     



In addition to our updated pricing, we also recently introduced a host of new updates that will help foster more inclusive events and better on-demand experiences.  

  • Closed Caption Translation: Expanding beyond English-only closed captioning to deliver automated, real-time closed captioning in over 70 new languages. 

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation supports up to 5 concurrent audio channels for delivering simultaneous and/or relay interpretation for attendees. Interpreters have the ability to set their incoming and outgoing languages, alongside volume and audio mix. 

  • Embed Event Recordings on Any Webpage: Users now have the ability to drop a recorded Event onto any HTML page for on-demand viewing and content sharing post-event. 

We are so excited to bring these new features, alongside our new prices, to every organization looking to improve the quality of their virtual events and increase the level of engagement they can achieve with their audience.    

Learn more about BlueJeans Event here, access a free 14-day trial, or purchases your subscription today.