While Video Conferencing Usage During the Coronavirus Outbreak has been soaring, we understand that not everyone was a video conferencing expert going into this.

With the pandemic forcing people into their homes for work, many of you are using BlueJeans for the first time—Welcome! Whether you’ve decided to test out the platform to help you effectively communicate and collaborate for work or to just stay connected with friends with minimal disruption, you likely have a lot of questions.

To help answer your initial questions and ensure sure you’re making the most of your trial experience, here’s a compilation of ‘all you need to know’ to make it easy for you to go from novice to pro during your Meetings trial period:

Your Welcome Email
After signing up, you should receive an email asking you to verify your email. From there, you’ll be asked to create a password [Note: You must be logged in to your account in order to start using the service].

Next, you should set up your account and set the admin settings. You can learn all about the essential administrative features in this Admin Walk Through Video. Furthermore, our Rapid Deployment of BlueJeans Meetings post and webinar recap will help you with route your way through managing admin responsibilities, navigating the admin portal, help desk training and where to find additional BlueJeans Resources.

Learning The Basics
Our Ins and Outs of BlueJeans Meetings post and accompanying webinar can help you with everything from scheduling a meeting and downloading the calendar integration to accessing breakout rooms, recordings, whiteboards, meeting highlights and more. If you don't want to watch the full traning, you can learn pretty much everything you might want to know as a new user in 15 minutes or less in these short videos:

  1. Account Services: Getting Started | Your BlueJeans Profile
  2. Scheduling: O365 | Outlook for Windows | Google | Browser | Without a Moderator
  3. Joining: Desktop App | Join via a Browser
  4. In-Meeting Experience: Sharing and Interacting
  5. Cheat Sheets: O365 | Windows Outlook | Google Calendar | Browser | Mobile

Ready, Set, Video
Organizations of all sizes are adjusting to a massive behavioral shift—one that’s being influenced by technology—and it’s changing customer and employee relationships.

As we all work to adjust to a new reality because of the pandemic, we want you to feel empowered to continue to do your best work over BlueJeans. But to do your best, you’ve got to look the part—and this goes beyond just personal appearance. To help you set up your surroundings, check out these Lessons From A #WFH Pro: Optimize Your Home Office.

Ready to try out your video skills? Schedule and start a *practice meeting to try out all the awesome features and functionality you just learned about first hand. And once you’re done playing around with all the functions and features that BlueJeans has to offer, evaluate our Standard vs. Pro package features and billing management in the BlueJeans store.

Still need help? See below for our most frequently asked questions, and contact BlueJeans Support today. We hope you enjoy your BlueJeans trial!

BlueJeans Meetings FAQ

*If you don’t have someone to meet with, you can test the service by talking to Jean the Parrot. Type her Meeting ID (111) into the “Join By Meeting ID” box, and you’ll immediately be entered into her meeting. This is the same flow you would use when joining another user’s meeting room.