Large scale deployments of video teleconferencing systems have always been a source of headache for many enterprises, as it usually requires a great deal of meticulous planning and a significant time commitment. That being said, facilities employees and AV/IT admins embark on these initiatives because of the great number of benefits that an organization achieves with modern huddle rooms and video conference-enabled meeting spaces. But being able to do an enterprise-wide deployment on time, within budget, and with a solution that offers all the necessary features can be challenging to navigate successfully.
Our goal at BlueJeans is to reduce the friction customers experience when acquiring, setting up, and using video conferencing rooms. BlueJeans’ innovative Rooms-as-a-Service model brings a whole new level of simplicity to the traditional hardware purchasing and deployment lifecycle, enabling our customers to set up hundreds of video meeting rooms with minimum hassle. Organizations are no longer limited by long, drawn-out CapEx plans that slow down and infringe upon enterprise-wide room upgrades.
Ultimately, conference room architects are looking for solutions that:
Keep things as simple as possible and consolidate vendors
Reduce manual overhead via quick and easy installation
Serve the enterprise without considerable training and support
With that in mind we have some new features in BlueJeans Rooms that continue to enhance the setup and management process.
Improved BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room setup experience
Setting up BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room is now faster and easier. All of your BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room and BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service can be pre-activated and set up for auto-pairing across your organization. Once you receive the kits, all you have to do is connect the components and enter the room name in the Dolby Conference Phone. With everything in place, this process can be completed in under five minutes! This feature will be particularly useful for large-scale deployments where there may be hard cutoff dates for meeting room activations. Now anyone with little or no experience can setup a BlueJeans Room with Dolby Voice Room. This solution works flawlessly even in cases where room device components are removed and installed in a different meeting room.
To make things easier, the quick start guide to access the set up procedure is now available online. Simply scan the QR code from your kit and the guide will walk you through the easy steps to unpack, connect the components, and set up your room.
Centralized Tracking and Monitoring.
BlueJeans Rooms can be easily managed and monitored by administrators using our robust analytics dashboard in Command Center. Now with our new Rooms dashboards, admins can monitor meeting room usage to track all rooms across their organization. Command Center now also features more drill-down reporting to show connection status, meeting room device health status, and other critical metrics to make sure admins can quickly assess room uptime and reduce meeting disruptions.
Watch out for more exciting releases that will further simplify your huddle and conference room deployments and enable you to provide a delightful in-room experience to your end users. Learn more about BlueJeans Rooms here or contact us for a demo.