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BlueJeans Tip: Command Center Alerts

For IT administrators, the happiness of your users is one of the most important aspects of the job. Here at BlueJeans, we understand that so we’ve created a way to make it even easier for administrators to troubleshoot issues.

Simply encourage your users to fill out the quick survey at the end of each meeting! By providing details about the quality of the meeting, administrators know what is working—and what is not.

BlueJeans Meeting Feedback

Administrators enabled with Command Center Pro can set up email alerts that will send notifications based on the meeting ratings provided by participants at the end of a meeting. Those who opt-in to this feature will receive an hourly digest with ratings posted by participants during that hour, containing the meeting ID, participant information, timestamp, and a link to Command Center for more details.

Command Center Alerts

This hourly digest allows IT to easily and quickly note when something is wrong and fix the issue before it happens again. Whether it’s a poor Internet connection, an issue with the hardware, or simply user error, administrators can use Command Center alerts to ensure that every meeting is simple and productive. 

Learn how to set up alerts in the BlueJeans Knowledge Base.