When you first receive a BlueJeans account, you are granted basic features to make video conferencing with colleagues and clients easy. However, did you know that you can make your life even easier by setting your advanced meeting settings? Doing so will give you access to even more features and allow you to customize your BlueJeans Meetings to do exactly what you would like them to do.

To set up your default meeting settings, log in to your BlueJeans account and click on your picture in the top right corner. Click "Settings" and then scroll down to "Default Scheduling Options." You should see a list of multiple settings that you can choose. Note that you have options for both your Personal Meeting ID and your scheduled one-time meetings.

Your options include:

  • Add Participant Passcode: Enabling this feature will require participants to know the meeting ID and passcode in order to join the meeting.
  • Enable Auto-Recording: When this is turned on, your meetings will automatically start recording when you join.
  • Start Meeting without Moderator: By default, BlueJeans meetings are set to be moderator-less, which means that the moderator is NOT required to join the meeting in order for the meeting to start when two participants arrive. If you would like to require the moderator to be in the meeting for the meeting to start, you can disable this feature.
  • Always Encrypt Meeting: As an added layer of security, you can require that all meetings be encrypted. This will mean that room systems will need to enable AES encryption to join, and phones will be unable to join unless the exception is enabled.
  • Crop Video: Enabling this will automatically crop your video to best fit the room layout.
  • Disable Chat Messaging: All BlueJeans meeting automatically include a chat feature so participants can message one another within the meeting itself. To disable this feature and turn chat off, check this box.
  • Mute Participants on Entry: BlueJeans meeting participants join the meeting with their audio enabled. To make it so participants are muted when they join, enable this feature.
  • Silent Participation Entry Mode: This feature will disable the entry/exit sounds and banners that are heard/shown when a participant enters or leaves the meeting.
  • Show Participant Names in Email Invitation: To protect privacy, BlueJeans does not automatically show participant names in the invitation. Turn on this feature to show the names of all participants who have been invited within the email invitation itself

Setting any of these features in your account will apply them to your Google or Outlook scheduling extensions for future scheduling. What features do you enable or disable for your meetings? Let us know in the comments!

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