In April, we announced our latest product, BlueJeans Telehealth, a purpose-built virtual care solution to help drive better patient outcomes. We are pleased to announce that starting today BlueJeans Telehealth is generally available for purchase in the US.

The pandemic revealed to patients and providers the opportunity and benefits of virtual care by enabling safe and secure care encounters online and extending the reach of care. Many organizations who were traditionally slow to adopt virtual healthcare models had no choice but to embrace it last year to keep providing care and keep their staff and patients safe. But this kind of large-scale usage also greatly exposed the typical hurdles that patients and hospitals face regarding virtual care. BlueJeans Telehealth aims to remove the traditional complications of telehealth and provide a simple, smart way for providers to meet with patients over video. No matter what size clinic or hospital, providers can offer personalized, secure care closer to home for their patients with BlueJeans Telehealth. With unique features aimed to elevate the patient experience, BlueJeans Telehealth helps replicate onsite encounters and patient interactions virtually while also enabling users to experience the flexibility of virtual care.

Looking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the findings in our latest white paper based on research by HIMSS, The Future of Telehealth - Balancing Security and Ease of Use, healthcare organizations (81%) expect to see a more significant investment in telehealth solutions over the next 2-3 years. Among decision-makers such as business leaders and clinicians, 85% identify “ease of use” as a top-five driver in producing good outcomes from telehealth. To provide the ultimate simplicity for patients and enable them to join a virtual visit quickly, BlueJeans Telehealth is, first and foremost, easy to use. Patients can join with one click using a device of their choice, with no app download required. A customizable patient landing experience provides the necessary guidance for patients and offers relevant onboarding materials for patients as they wait for their Provider to start the visit.

For Providers looking for a seamless connection between telehealth and their existing workflows, BlueJeans Telehealth provides EHR workflow embeddability. With this integration, BlueJeans Telehealth visits are embedded directly within existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflows such as Epic. BlueJeans Telehealth licensing is available in a per-visit model, which allows for straightforward televisit data capture and reporting to simplify administration and reimbursements. Those looking to purchase in traditional video conferencing licensing format can also buy BlueJeans Telehealth in a named-host model.

Security and privacy are a must-have to protect patients' confidential information. Features such as Access Controls, Encryption, Privacy Checks, Locked Meetings, Fraud Detection, and Moderator Controls help protect healthcare organizations and patients. To help organizations using BlueJeans Telehealth to be HIPAA-ready, BlueJeans and Verizon provides HIPAA business associate agreements. Additionally, BlueJeans Telehealth integrates with medical interpreter services that cover 200+ languages, including American Sign Language. It has additional accessibility features such as closed-captioning and transcription to make telehealth easier for everyone.

Furthermore, BlueJeans Telehealth brings the state-of-the-art BlueJeans Meetings experience into a Telehealth visit. With collaboration features such as screen sharing and whiteboarding, Smart Meetings and recording, and high-quality Dolby Voice Audio® and HD video, BlueJeans Telehealth helps providers and patients to communicate seamlessly for effective virtual visits.

We are now seeing the next phase of telehealth usage, where providers are considering televisits as integral parts of their overall care delivery system. With BlueJeans Telehealth, providers can have a simple, intelligent, and secure solution for all their telehealth needs.

Learn more about BlueJeans Telehealth. Interested in a demo? Reach out to our Healthcare solution experts today!