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Is healthcare poised to become the next industry ripe for a retail-like digital transformation? If the recent Amazon acquisition of One Medical is any indication, one could say so. Advances in technology, more reliable network speeds, and an increase in remote work flexibility are providing an opportunity to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and convenient for patients and providers alike.

One area where telehealth is already thriving is behavioral health, where teletherapy has dramatically improved access to mental health services. The American Psychiatric Association reports  that the percentage of Americans saying they would use telehealth services for mental healthcare increased from 49% in 2020 to 59% in 2021. The same report found nearly half of adults surveyed want to continue using telehealth post pandemic.

Certainly, the cost effectiveness of telehealth is a major driver.  A recent report in the Harvard Business Review found virtual visits can be nearly half the cost of a traditional office visit for  patients. A Rock Health report explained how these factors can collectively save patients nearly $100 billion dollars. Therefore, in the current economic climate, it’s easy to understand why telehealth continues to be a critical priority even beyond the pandemic spike for virtual care.  

So with the benefits of telehealth clear for patients and providers alike, more healthcare organizations are beginning to look beyond traditional video conferencing tools to ensure they have the optimal solution and delivery model that best supports their patients and their communities.  

With this in mind, we want to make it even easier for any size healthcare organization to access BlueJeans Telehealth to deliver more personalized and efficient virtual care.  We’re excited to announce that BlueJeans Telehealth can now be purchased from the BlueJeans online store!

BlueJeans Telehealth is a purpose-built solution designed to simplify the patient experience and arm providers with critical data to enhance the level of care they are able to provide.  

The BlueJeans Telehealth Standard plan (starting at $12.49/month) features our quick join experience to ensure patients can quickly join a visit from their mobile or desktop device without having to download an app.  Another key feature is the customizable patient landing experience which simulates a traditional in-office waiting room, including a symptoms/concerns form to capture patient input and a featured content section to display relevant articles and videos.  BlueJeans Telehealth is HIPAA Compliance Enabled and comes with a robust set of security features to protect patient and provider privacy.   

The BlueJeans Telehealth Plus plan (starting at $16.49/month) includes all of the capabilities found in the Standard package as well as our Apple Health Integration that allows patients to share blood pressure, blood glucose, respiratory rate, and more directly from within the BlueJeans Telehealth experience.  The Plus package also features automated closed captioning and transcription, with the additional option of integrating medical interpreter service offerings that cover 200+ languages, including American Sign Language.  

BlueJeans Telehealth delivers exceptional video quality, industry-leading audio, and a wide variety of tailor-made features designed to improve the virtual visit experience.  To learn more about how BlueJeans can help your organization transform its virtual care model, visit the BlueJeans Telehealth page or purchase a license at the BlueJeans store.