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Making Meetings Easy: BlueJeans FAQs

People Using BlueJeans Rooms

We strive to make video conferencing hassle-free, and the BlueJeans Support Team is here to make sure you get the best video meeting experience every time.

Below are a few of our most commonly asked support questions on troubleshooting your meetings. Whether you're brand new to video conferencing with BlueJeans or you're a longtime user in need of a quick fix, these answers to our FAQs can help. 

  1. How do I determine what caused quality problems in a past or current meeting?

  2. How do I fix poor video (and audio) quality from a computer?

  3. How do I record and playback my meeting? 

  4. How do I eliminate echo?

  5. What are some recommended headsets and microphones?

  6. How do I speed-dial into my meeting from mobile?

  7. How do I scale video to fit my computer view?

  8. How do I fix poor quality in a room system?

  9. What are the best practices to make sure my meeting goes well?

  10. What are the minimum system requirements for my computer in order to have a good quality meeting?

Still stuck? Head on over to the discussion boards in our Support Center or contact us directly for help.

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