BlueJeans is proud to announce day-zero support for Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser that was released earlier today. Microsoft’s new browser experience promises to deliver a rich set of security and privacy settings to end users, while simultaneously taking advantage of the Chromium open-source platform to provide better compatibility and an overall improved browsing experience. BlueJeans’ award-winning browser-based meeting experience works flawlessly on the new Edge browser and provides users with a simple and secure way to join any BlueJeans Meeting.

Similar to the experience on Chrome and Firefox, the Edge browser provides BlueJeans users with crystal-clear, 2-way VoiP and Video. Just because a user prefers to conduct their meetings in the browser, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to take advantage of BlueJeans’ world-class audio-visual experience. The audio is enriched with Opus Spatial Audio, delivering an immersive experience that makes it easier to distinguish between two individuals when they are speaking at the same time. Furthermore, meeting attendees have the ability to both share and receive content—documents, slides, pictures, video, other web pages…literally anything—which is important because not every browser enables content sharing.

One of our customers’ favorite features within our browser experience is known as Intelligent Join and is available within Edge as well. This feature enables meeting hosts to customize how their meeting attendees will join a meeting—via the desktop app or the browser. This is important because when you are engaging with meeting attendees outside of your company, maybe as an HR Recruiter or a Sales Rep, you don’t know whether they necessarily have administrative rights to download the BlueJeans app. Therefore, this feature drives meeting attendees directly to the browser experience without any potential disruptions to the meeting itself. This join flow setting has made a huge difference for our customers are we are excited to now bring it to Edge.

Additionally, because Edge is built on Chromium, existing Chrome Extensions work within Edge. Therefore, BlueJeans users can download the BlueJeans Chrome Extension to easily add a a quick start meeting button, configure their browser settings, and visit their account page to perform more customizations. This extension makes it easy to jump into a meeting or manage your settings without having to switch context and spend time opening and closing apps.

We are thrilled to support Microsoft’s new Edge browser and wish our browser users many more successful and productive BlueJeans Meetings. To give the new Edge a shot, download here.