BlueJeans Studio

BlueJeans Virtual Events with studio-quality features has been designed to provide an upgraded online event experience, with production-grade graphics and branding options, as well as new presenter layout options. 

From start to finish, BlueJeans makes it easy to produce studio-quality events that can be scaled up or down as needed. With powerful integrations, customizable modes, and insightful analytics, BlueJeans has everything you need to make your next live stream a success. 

So whether you're a business owner looking to connect with customers online or a content creator looking to showcase your skills and passions, BlueJeans can help you produce studio-quality events with ease.

A closer look at some of the key features that BlueJeans Studio has to offer:

Production-Grade Graphics and Branding Options

Make your virtual event look professional with production-grade graphics and branding options such as wallpaper backgrounds, custom lower-thirds overlays, tickers, and logos.

New Presenter Layout Options

Take presenters from a backstage area to the on-air broadcast screen in one simple click. This makes it easy for event moderators, hosts, and creators to control the flow of the event without any confusion.

Web-Based Dashboard Controls

Within the BlueJeans Studio dashboard, producers have complete control over the event experience. This includes being able to start and stop broadcasts, as well as managing presenter layouts and graphic overlays.

Studio-quality Content

With BlueJeans Studio, there is no need to sacrifice quality for ease of use. You can produce studio-quality content within your browser without any technical integrations or expensive equipment. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

No Software or Application Download Needed

With BlueJeans Studio there is no need to download any software or other applications. Everyone involved in the event – from producers to presenters to attendees – can experience these new features without any hassle and on any device.


Ready to take your online business event up a notch? 
BlueJeans Virtual Events offers a complete set of tools to help you produce studio-quality events, whether you’re a seasoned online business event planner or a content creator just getting started. Plus, with production-grade graphics and branding options, you can make your virtual event look and feel just like the real thing.