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BlueJeans Streaming is Taking Video to the Nth Power

BlueJeans for Facebook Live and Streaming

Businesses and individuals have long sought a better way to use social media to highlight their brands, products, services, and talents. It’s been the elusive Holy Grail of marketing and promotion. The potential has been there, but the nut had not quite been cracked.

But imagine a world in which you could demo the product you’ve worked on for months, perhaps even years, and now you get to show it to millions of people all over the world at the same time. You can use multiple camera angles to show the product off, and get feedback in real time.

Now imagine you run a small business or you’re an independent consultant. You know you’re talented, and your friends know it too, but you’re struggling to get the word out about your services. “If people could only see what I do or hear my approach,” you think to yourself, “if they could only meet me...”

Introducing BlueJeans Streaming for Facebook

Starting today, all of these things are possible and more, much more! By working in close concert with our friends at Facebook, we at BlueJeans have created a compelling solution that enables genuine, real-time shared experiences over social media.

First, why did we do this for Facebook? The social giant currently has about 1.2 billion daily active users, and videos on Facebook are viewed more than 4 billion times a day, with priority being placed on Live videos. Facebook Live videos also generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined. Additionally, users spend three times longer watching a video on Facebook when it is live, and they comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than regular videos. That’s a lot of activity already happening across what has proven to be the perfect medium for live video communications. By creating a product specifically towards users’ needs, interests, and abilities that also utilizes the strengths of and excitement around Facebook Live, endless opportunities exist.

With today’s global introduction of BlueJeans Streaming, we are unleashing the full power of Facebook Live. Now anyone, from individual to influencer to the world’s biggest corporation can connect with multiple people in disparate locations through a live broadcast. This is not one person reaching out to many, with the audience weighing in through text-based comments. This is everyone having a face-to-face presence in a truly authentic, organic conversation or event, broadcasted to the Facebook community. And it’s for real.

Our streaming feature has been thoroughly tested in the two months since we initially announced BlueJeans’ integration with Facebook Live. We initially thought this would offer an amazing way for our corporate customers and large brands to connect with their target audiences on a much more active, personal, and meaningful level. And we were right! Customers like The Outdoor Channel, Tribune Media, and Buffer have used BlueJeans with Facebook Live with tremendous success. The Outdoor Channel, for example, has seen over 8 million impressions, 2.6 million reaches, and more than 240,000 views, and these are not isolated results. Corporations across the board are experiencing record views and are engaging with customers unlike ever before.

What we didn’t foresee, however, were all of the really creative uses of BlueJeans for Facebook Live—from church groups to makeup demonstrations to cooking shows to the world’s most powerful broadcasters and publishers jumping onboard. Individuals, small businesses, and large organizations alike have used BlueJeans to gain followers, communicate with others, increase sales, and generally elevate the Facebook Live experience. We’ve brought Olympians together with school children; we’ve connected local journalists across the country as they weighed in on what was happening on election day—and this does not even begin to scratch the surface.

We’d love to hear from you about your plans for BlueJeans Streaming. Please keep sending us links to your broadcasts at Together, let’s change the way the social media world communicates!

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