When Krish and I founded BlueJeans it was with the mission to help people connect over high-quality video conferencing, enabling teams to work how and where they want. From our early days as a Silicon Valley startup, we’ve come a long way: now over 13,000 organizations around the world use BlueJeans to connect in millions of meetings every month.
In a moment like we’re experiencing today with the Coronavirus outbreak, the trust that our customers put in BlueJeans motivates us to leave no stone unturned as we help each other get through this crisis. Our Operations and Customer Support teams are working around the clock to help our customers with their business continuity planning as organizations enable remote work policies for their employees in affected locations.
What We’re Seeing Around the World
Across the globe we are seeing our customers exercise caution and ask employees to reduce travel or work from home. Early signs are increases in video conferencing traffic on our network from January to February of 4x in China and 3x across Asia Pacific. Over the past few weeks we have also started to see faster video conferencing traffic growth outside of Asia, particularly in countries experiencing significant COVID-19 outbreaks, including Italy. For more information about BlueJeans utilization, click here.

Not surprisingly as governments, healthcare organizations and non-profits work to track and contain the spread of COVID-19, employers are evaluating their HR and workplace policies to determine how best to protect the wellbeing of their teams while keeping their businesses or organizations running. As we work to support our customers around the world, we see leaders taking steps to prepare their organizations to operate with care through the crisis:
  • Monitoring countries, cities and regions with major employee populations to continuously assess the health risks to team members
  • Evaluating what work can be done from home and what work can only be done in person
  • Working across IT and HR to create business continuity plans and remote work plans
  • Assessing employee attendance at tradeshow and other events
  • Implementing distance learning or telehealth approaches in education and healthcare
  • Reducing or cancelling non-essential business travel
  • Reinforcing best practices to reduce disease spread
As organizations formulate their plans, it is clear that in certain locations it makes sense to have employees work from home. Many of BlueJeans’ customers are considering or already implementing remote work programs to protect employees, and we are seeing double-digit increases in video conferencing traffic across virtually all of our top enterprise customers.
How BlueJeans is Helping
As a cloud video conferencing provider, BlueJeans is well-placed to help our customers, communities and first responders around the world manage through the Coronavirus crisis. Our video conferencing software is easily accessible on mobile devices, browsers and PCs—not just video conference room systems—so employees working from home, don’t need fancy equipment to collaborate with their teams over video. Similarly, first responders can use our service on the go using just their mobile devices.
In addition, as a cloud provider, our service is designed to flex as usage volumes change and we maintain excess capacity to handle surges in volume. As we have seen video conference traffic volumes rise during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have already added cloud infrastructure and network capacity to assist our customers.
In light of continued significant double-digit or even triple-digit traffic growth in some countries, we continue to monitor the situation to optimize our services, add capacity, and make adjustments as needed so we can ensure organizations around the world are able to keep their employees safe while keeping their enterprises running.
Support on the Front Lines – First Responders and NGOs Helping with the Coronavirus Outbreak
Effective immediately BlueJeans is offering free access to our video conferencing service to first responders and NGOs helping communities manage outbreaks and protect citizens from further exposure. First responders and NGOs may have organization-wide access to BlueJeans for an initial period of 90 days, and BlueJeans may extend that term as needed. Please sign-up here.
Support for Customers
BlueJeans’ support lines are open for customers and our customer-facing employees are ready to help if you need to equip more team members to work remotely. We are committed to our customers’ success and are already helping many organizations develop a plan to equip their workforce during this crisis.
Business Continuity Planning
Resources for Enabling Remote Work with Video Conferencing
BlueJeans and our customers have captured a variety of resources and best practices to help teams remain productive while working remotely.

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