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BlueJeans Brings Spatial Audio Calls to Conference Rooms

Since introducing BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone six months ago, BlueJeans has seen a 63% increase in demand for the product. Expanded interest in the solution, designed for those needing HD quality video with an exceptional audio experience, points to continued growth in small-to-medium sized meeting rooms. Companies see these smaller, less-traditional huddle rooms as an integral part of the meeting experience, ideal for quick collaboration and impromptu discussions. As these rooms continue to expand across organizations, BlueJeans recognizes the need for multiple variations of the product designed for meeting rooms and spaces of all sizes. 

Starting today, BlueJeans has added an optional configuration of the product that will focus on a premium voice and content sharing experience when video is not required. BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone featuring Spatial Audio captures the entire room’s conversation with 360-degree voice pickup so that users feel as if each meeting participant is in a different part of the room. Users hear each speaker clearly and naturally while built-in noise reduction technology limits background interruptions. The BlueJeans one-touch feature on the Dolby Conference Phone interface creates a meeting experience that is easy to use and manage, all delivered over the Internet to reduce costs and to leverage the latest in team collaboration. 

This new spatial audio configuration provides an organization with the ability to start with superior audio and then easily upgrade to include video as needed. This option is also useful for rooms and spaces that do not require video (like a phone booth)—a Dolby Conference Phone featuring Spatial Audio can be added to give users the touch-to-join experience with the exceptional Dolby Voice experience that BlueJeans users expect. With the introduction of this new configuration, BlueJeans’ customers can continue to tailor each meeting space to reflect the needs of their business.

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