Caffeine and cram sessions dominate student life this month as final exam season enters full swing. While the night owls and early birds highlight a semester’s-worth of course content from textbooks, there’s a new study solution that improves lecture notes for high school and higher ed. It’s called BlueJeans Smart Meetings — our digital highlighting and tagging feature for distance learning.
Give students a modern method to capture and retain subject knowledge with meeting intelligence for any grade level.
In-Class Highlights
Instructors begin their presentation timeline by hitting the “start recording and highlights” button within BlueJeans Meetings. This allows students to mark important and interesting moments in the lecture by selecting the “add highlight” option. Hour-long classes are often filled with dense information that students need to hear again as they study for tests and write term papers. By crowd-sourcing lecture highlights for all virtual classroom attendees, key points and exam topics are emphasized by all students using this Smart Meetings feature.
Once a student adds a highlight, the 10 previous seconds plus the following 30 seconds of the instructors’ comments are stored in the right-hand application tray. This instantly marks a 40-second timestamp of video, audio, and screen-shared content. Within these dynamic highlight containers students have the ability to make comments, tag other students, and create labels for new topics as they’re presented by the teacher.
Additionally, BlueJeans’ speech-to-text intelligence transcribes the lecture when highlights are activated. This gives educational context to each highlight and allows students to reference the complete class transcript within the “transcription” tab.
Intelligent Lecture Notes
For students that missed class (a rare and shocking occurrence) BlueJeans Smart Meetings stores all recorded lectures in an interactive hub. This is a valuable study resource for any student who wants a refresher on a specific class or a series of lectures that needs to be re-watched. The “auto-play” feature shows only the highlighted meeting moments during a class — compressing a 60-minute lecture into an easily consumed recap of the most important lecture points.
Highlighted comments can be edited and elaborated upon by students and instructors for continued reinforcement of knowledge after the class has ended. If other students find another portion of the lecture that was not initially marked with a highlight, these can be made within the recording timeline.
Students can also use the transcribed recording of all material to quickly search for vocabulary terms, definitions, and examples.
Virtual Office Hours
The shift to remote learning across the world has created challenges and opportunities regarding 1:1 time in an educational environment. BlueJeans Meetings’ one-touch join effortlessly connects instructors with students in need of additional support, and highlights makes this learning continuum even more organized.
After a class has been recorded students can tag their instructor within specific highlights to ask for clarification. Since each highlight is packaged with transcription from the live class lecture, the teacher has immediate visibility into that moment when a given topic was discussed. This teacher-student collaboration tool closes the learning feedback loop with timeliness and precision to keep all class members in sync with instructors.
Support schoolwide learning and test prep with BlueJeans Smart Meetings! Try today and help students ace their next test or term paper with better lecture notes and in-meeting intelligence.