Last week in San Francisco, the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) was held at the Moscone Convention Center. An invite only, one day event, held annually to invite key customers, influencers, and partners to see what Samsung has been developing behind the scenes for the last year.

BlueJeans by Verizon has always had a close relationship with the Samsung team and we are constantly working together to improve the BlueJeans mobile app experience on all of their android devices. During the event, we were excited to be featured in the Moscone Center as one of Samsung's preferred video conferencing partners for front-line work.  

Specifically, Samsung featured the bespoke BlueJeans mobile experience for the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip devices. While in Flex mode on both devices, meeting participants are able to see all the other attendees on the top screen and view the participant list, chat, and modify settings on the bottom screen to take full advantage of the dual screen form factor.   

While on the expo floor, we also featured our new Collab Board experience that has been optimized for mobile workers.  With Collab Board, users have the ability to work and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, using an infinite digital canvas. Collab Board allows you amazing flexibility to unleash creativity with teammates that aren’t in the same room as you and brainstorm as if you were in a shared location. On the Samsung Z Fold device, Collab Board really shines when it is able to take full advantage of the 7.6” screen. 

The Fold and Flip devices are the perfect solution for hybrid workers that are constantly on the go and need to stay connected. Being able to multitask while in meetings and go hands-free are huge advantages when working from anywhere.  We are confident that Samsung will keep the foldable innovations coming and we are excited to keep our app at the forefront of the industry. 

Thank you Samsung for featuring us at SDC22! Stay tuned for other features coming to a Samsung device near you.