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Where did you get all this content?!!!

Simultaneous content is real with the new Rumpus™ app from Oblong Industries. And not just simultaneous content, with Rumpus you can use personal cursors to point and emphasize, presence indicators to signal who’s looking at what content and emojis to exchange feedback without disrupting the meeting flow.

The integration best-in-class videoconferencing from BlueJeans directly into the Rumpus app for content-focused collaboration creates engaging remote team meetings with improved team productivity and performance.

BlueJeans is the first meetings solution to integration with Rumpus and together the companies have taken an important step in creating meetings that are more intelligent so teams are free to focus on business outcomes.

The BlueJeans WebRTC client is the engine behind browser-based multi-stream sharing and collaboration with Rumpus. As an early adopter of WebRTC, BlueJeans created a platform for open engagement – with partners and third-party developers – that reduces friction for meeting participants and customers. Zero download, full feature functionality is another step in allowing teams to focus on outcomes.

Rumpus is ideally suited to teams and remote collaborators that rely on each other and on a rich array of visual information to generate ideas, analyze options, advance projects, make decisions, and realize outcomes.

BlueJeans and Oblong both see a future where meetings are more intelligent AND the meeting infrastructure fades into the background so that teams are left free to focus on business outcomes. People interested in expanding their collaboration tool kit for online meetings are invited to download the Rumpus app for free at and add existing BlueJeans credentials for seamless video inside a Rumpus screen sharing session. Users new to BlueJeans can create an account for free for by visiting