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TrustRadius Recognizes BlueJeans with 2018 Top Rated Award

We’re excited to announce that TrustRadius has recognized BlueJeans with a 2018 Top Rated Award in Web Conferencing Software. The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are unique in that they are unbiased reflections of customer sentiment, based solely on user satisfaction scores. 

In order to earn a Top Rated badge for Web Conferencing Software, products must be in the top tier of the category with 25+ reviews and ratings. Every reviewer is verified and every review is vetted before publication to ensure buyers can make truly informed decisions. Across 47 BlueJeans reviews and ratings, users found that the product is reliable, robust, and easy to use. Reviewers also highlighted strong customer support. Read on to see what they had to say. 

"BlueJeans is currently being used by my entire organization. With such a large organization and many offices within and outside of the United States, BlueJeans allows us to set up conference calls easily and consistently. We like how user-friendly this tool is for everyone at every age within the company."
- Account Manager in Human Resources, Staffing and Recruiting | Read the Full Review

"BlueJeans is a great way to improve communications and meetings and to connect to people and offices that are remote or in alternative locations. It streamlines the communication process. BlueJeans makes it easy to access meetings and conference calls via phone and computer, so you are able to access it while you're on the go."
- Employee in Marketing, Marketing and Advertising | Read the Full Review

"We use BlueJeans throughout the organization, company-wide. It helps us co-office collaborate efficiently and effectively. It makes it easy to work together—even when you're not directly next to someone. The tools BlueJeans uses make our employees be able to share their screens, video, or voice chat."
- Administrator in Human Resources, Marketing and Advertising | Read the Full Review

"It's by far the quickest and easiest teleconference app I've ever used. Rather than dealing with all of the prompts and downloads and other rigmarole that comes with other apps, you can have everyone online fast enough that you can actually spend your meeting on the subject of the meeting and not getting everyone dialed in".
- Marketing, Web Analytics, and Testing Lead, Computer Software | Read the Full Review

"BlueJeans is scalable across organizations of all sizes. I think it is particularly helpful for organizations that need to connect with multiple people in different parts of the country or even the world. BlueJeans is great for easily sharing content on the host's screen or giving that sharing ability to someone who joined the meeting as an attendee. Important meetings can be recorded and saved with the touch of a button."
- Business Development Associate, Marketing and Advertising | Read the Full Review

As always, thank you to our customers who have provided excellent reviews of BlueJeans to TrustRadius. We are thrilled that our customers consistently recognize our commitment to delivering a meeting platform that is simple and secure, and we look forward to continuing to provide a superior meeting experience to our users.

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