Providing flexibility to workers to define how and where they want to work is key to unlocking productivity and happiness in today’s modern digital workplace.

Today, we’re excited to announce several updates across the BlueJeans platform that were designed to provide customers with the flexibility to hold dynamic, secure and interactive meetings of any size, and from anywhere, to maximize engagement in a hybrid world.

The Future of Spontaneous Collaboration

To start, we’re making the hybrid work environment more natural and engaging with Next-Generation BlueJeans, an integrated collaboration experience that builds upon Meetings to deliver new modes of virtual communication that include BlueJeans Spaces, Messaging and Collaboration Board. By creating a 2D or 3D virtual space where distributed teams can come together to work, with all the necessary tools in one place to improve workstreams, brainstorm, organize and socialize, BlueJeans is addressing one of the most significant hurdles in today’s hybrid work reality. Learn more about Spaces here.

Industry-Leading Event Capacity and Multi-Language Support

Today marks a massive leap forward in attendee capacity for BlueJeans Events, with record-breaking support for up to 150,000 interactive virtual event participants. To meet customer demand for super-sized virtual events that offer full interactivity, where they can participate in the Q&A, chat, polling, and raise their hand to be promoted onto the virtual stage, the latest updates to BlueJeans Events make the platform primetime for streaming industry-leading virtual conferences and forward-thinking, fan-centric entertainment activations. New features include:

  • Closed Caption Translation: Expanding beyond English-only closed captioning to deliver automated, real-time closed captioning in over 70 new languages.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation supports up to 5 concurrent audio channels for delivering simultaneous and/or relay interpretation for attendees. Interpreters have the ability to set their incoming and outgoing languages, alongside volume and audio mix. 
  • Background Blur: Presenters and Moderators will be able to set their Background Blur density either at the hair check screen before joining the Event or directly through their video settings once in the Event.
  • Embeddable Event Recordings: Complementing the best-in-class embed experience for live player and interactivity widgets, users now have the ability to take Event content and drop it onto any HTML page for on-demand viewing post-event. 

Event coordinators are being tasked with finding ways to create more interactivity and inclusivity with large-scale events, so that every event attendee can get the most out of the show. BlueJeans is the first virtual event provider to meet this requirement head on. Learn more here.

Premium BlueJeans Rooms for The Hybrid-Ready Office​

BlueJeans is launching a brand-new, Android-based version of BlueJeans Rooms to power the next-generation of premium room-based video conferencing. In partnership with Poly, BlueJeans Rooms running on the Poly Studio X series will enable customers to immediately transform how conference room-bound employees are able to participate in hybrid meetings. BlueJeans Rooms will run natively on all three Studio X Series devices: 

  • Poly Studio X30: Compact, lightweight design that easily fits on top or underneath display in small rooms, featuring powerful audio, beamforming microphone array, smart camera, and noise blocking innovations.
  • Poly Studio X50: Outfit your medium-sized conference rooms in minutes with easy installation to experience rich, room-filling sound, advanced microphone design, full boardroom-quality audio, dual display support, and more.  
  • Poly Studio X70: Turn any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight with high end optics, AI-driven camera array, and powerful two-way stereo speakers. Studio X70 uses its dual lenses and 4K sensors to transition seamlessly between wide-angle and narrow lenses to show everyone in the space in detail for smarter hybrid meetings. 

In addition to the Poly Studio X Series, BlueJeans Rooms is certified to work with the Poly G7500 for customers interested in deploying a modular system for video conferencing that provides for flexible configurations that meet the needs of the most complex room environments. Learn more here

Turbocharging Front-Line Work with BlueJeans, Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Unlocking true productivity for distributed teams will require breakthroughs in augmented reality that enable business leaders to fundamentally reimagine the way teams can work together. To empower hybrid and remote workers to do their best work, even when they aren’t located in the same region or time zone, BlueJeans is proud to announce a new native meeting experience for Glass Enterprise Edition 2 from Google.

Delivering premium, hands-free video conferencing, the BlueJeans Meetings app on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 takes advantage of Glass’ 8MP camera to deliver stunningly clear streaming video and enable all participants to have pristine line-of-sight into whatever vantage point matters most. BlueJeans then augments these impressive visuals with Dolby Voice audio, featuring world-class noise suppression to help mitigate any potential disruptions that could impact timely issue resolution and spatial audio to help deliver truly immersive collaboration. Learn more here.

Providing a full-scale collaboration and virtual events platform for hybrid work, the next generation of BlueJeans by Verizon is right around the corner. Check out BlueJeans at Enterprise Connect Virtual this week and download your free trial of BlueJeans today.