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BlueJeans & Microsoft: A Look Toward the Future

Microsoft has always had a tight grip on the enterprise software market. With the overall shift to the cloud, many would have questioned Microsoft’s ability to stay in the lead.

Questions about Microsoft’s competitiveness in the enterprise software market—now dominated by cloud applications—may have been valid just a year ago, but not anymore. According to a new report from Bitglass, Office 365 has overtaken Google Apps in the business market by more than tripling its share in one year from 2014.

The report shows that Microsoft has stormed ahead to take control of 25.2% of the market, up from 7.7% in 2014. The surge in Microsoft’s share of the enterprise software cloud market coincides with Satya Nadella’s appointment to CEO in February of 2014. Since Nadella’s appointment to the helm of Microsoft, the software giant has been steadily opening up to third-party applications focused on addressing a variety of use cases for education and enterprise customers. Many of the business problems faced by today’s education and enterprise customers are addressed by over 1,400 different third-party applications available in the Microsoft Office 365 app store. Microsoft’s transition to a cloud-based company has been truly impressive, and even to the most inept observers, it is obvious that the majority of enterprises now want their applications to live in the cloud.

In the meantime, BlueJeans, the leading video collaboration provider behind the scalable cloud video platform, has been gaining ground over the last few years in the education and enterprise markets. BlueJeans’ video collaboration service works on any device and can be customized to fit the needs of your enterprise.

Today, Microsoft and BlueJeans are working together to improve the user experience for creating new BlueJeans accounts, and in the future will provide a more unified experience between Microsoft and BlueJeans services. As a result, I am excited to announce that BlueJeans is expanding its partnership with Microsoft by developing an integration with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory. This integration allows Microsoft Azure admins to easily and securely deploy BlueJeans to a large number of users.

BlueJeans already integrates with Microsoft’s on-premise Active Directory, Outlook, and Skype for Business, so the new Azure Active Directory integration will be welcome news for our shared education and enterprise customers! We look forward to seeing how our customers use this integration to their advantage.