How often are the best moments from your meetings lost as soon as everyone leaves the (virtual) room? Without an effective solution for distributing notes, sharing action items, and driving follow-up, your meetings are only as valuable as the time you spend in them and little beyond that.
This problem is magnified and exacerbated for workers who attend back-to-back meetings and are constantly context switching as their day progresses, especially when these employees are working from home and dealing with distractions from every angle.
Who really remembers what was discussed in your 8am brainstorming session, who is responsible for taking next steps for your customer outreach initiative, and how can you quickly review a summary of last month’s roadmap meeting in preparation for your next meeting? Welcome to the future of the BlueJeans & Slack integration.
Now, your entire BlueJeans Meetings lifecycle can be managed from within Slack — invite participants, join secure meetings, and access rapid meeting recaps — via Direct Messages, Groups, and Channels.
The BlueJeans and Slack integration has always been one of our most heavily used integrations, enabling thousands of users every day to seamlessly join BlueJeans Meetings. By either clicking the Slack phone icon or by using the /bluejeans slash commands, users have adopted a key behavior of the digital workplace – acknowledging when to transition from chat to video – and doing so for maximum productivity.
Our newly enhanced integration introduces BlueJeans Smart Meetings into the Slack workflow to help further boost productivity with in-app intelligence that allows users to capture a meeting’s most important discussion points with a single click. By enabling the Slack integration, these meeting summaries can be instantly shared with the private Slack channel of your choosing.
As the Covid-19 pandemic pervades every corner of the world, impacting workers in all regions, it seems implausible that workers will be able keep their pre-existing schedules and attend all the same meetings that they attended before the coronavirus began spreading. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to provide employees with an easy button of sorts to not feel guilty for missing meetings because of parental responsibilities and allowing them to access quick meeting recaps that can easily be digested in 10 minutes when time allows. Having access to these recaps in Slack now guarantees there is a single location to stay connected and informed even during these most challenging times.
Here’s How to Set it Up
After your meeting wraps, the moderator selects “Share on Slack” from the recording playback page, which connects their BlueJeans account to authenticate the integration.
Once your Slack workspace verifies your BlueJeans account, you can automatically share meeting summaries and highlights into a private Slack channel. Create instant notifications for teammates without sending unnecessary emails by quickly sharing an overview of the meeting and a quick link for watching the meeting recap.

Once your Slack workspace verifies your BlueJeans account, you can automatically share meeting summaries and highlights into a private Slack channel. Create instant notifications for teammates without sending unnecessary emails by integrating individual highlights or entire meeting recaps into Slack.

Use Cases
Project Management: Keeping all contributors and stakeholders aligned on project deadlines can be challenging. BlueJeans Meeting Highlights allows you to quickly mark 40 seconds of content during a conversation and establish action items for all team members. Once your meeting ends, highlighted summaries are shared with your project management Slack channel for fast access to all the important moments that were captured by participants.
Account Management: Every client call and sales conversation deserves to be documented to understand customer needs and manage the relationship. Throughout the meeting, reps can highlight interesting comments and buyers’ general sentiments towards a product or service. This allows customer-facing teams to gain more complete insights into buyer propensities without attempting to take notes and lose critical detail. When the meeting ends, reps can simply share these highlights with their manager or extended team in a Slack channel.
Training and Development: Organizations across the world are continuously onboarding their internal teams with the latest business tools. Departments responsible for training often host weekly or monthly live training sessions to bring new users into the fold. Allow your teams to capture the biggest training takeaways with BlueJeans Meeting Highlights. As the meeting moderator, you can add all trainees to a Slack channel and integrate the meeting summary for a quick reference guide to the onboarding material.
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