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BlueJeans Makes an Impression on Index Exchange

More conference rooms meant more problems for Index Exchange, a global advertising marketplace for digital media companies to transact ad impressions in real time—especially with 10-15 of those rooms located globally. Between hosting regular sales calls and the company’s bi-weekly town halls, Index Exchange soon realized it needed to rethink its collaboration strategy.

Founded in 2003, Index Exchange is changing the future of the ad-funded model to one where customer success is the highest priority. This philosophy drove Index Exchange to attain greater collaboration efficiencies so their customers can spend more time on the important things: increasing yields while sustaining a positive user experience. 

The company’s collaboration tools were mixed with various branded equipment. Top it off with an array of unique meeting ID’s and users attempting to join with multiple devices, and it became a recipe for disaster—or at a minimum, a significant annoyance for IT and business users alike. 

Even upon joining a meeting, poor audio and muting issues, clunkyness of moderators promoting speakers, administrator management of meeting analytics, and a limit for large-scale townhalls further impacted overall experience.

Kevin Leicht, Director of IT at Index Exchange, took on the heavy lifting of finding a solution that was flexible, consistent, high quality, and scalable—now relying on BlueJeans Rooms and Blue Jeans Events to deliver the highest quality audio and video available for the optimal human collaboration experience.

BlueJeans Events, an easy to manage SaaS platform, was a perfect fit due to its ability to accommodate up to 15,000 attendees and real-time administrative manageability for muting, granting presenters, and monitoring analytics in the BlueJeans Command Center. The ability to accommodate Index Exchange’s many global conference room locations and 400+ attendees every two weeks has reduced IT issues by 80 percent.

In addition, BlueJeans Rooms provided Index Exchange the ability to turn any conference room, irrespective of the hardware and collaboration tools, instantly into a one-touch meeting. 

Accessibility from multiple devices, mobile or conference room configurations as well as integration with Slack to launch the BlueJeans app, webRTC link and Outlook integration eliminated the previous pain points affecting Index Exchange and their end users. This is proven by the positive rating received by 96% of Index Exchange’s users in 2019 and further confirmed by employees using over one million more minutes than the previous year.

While Index Exchange is in the business of selling ad impressions, BlueJeans’s platform has clearly made an impression on Index Exchange!

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