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BlueJeans Makes APIs Available via New Technology Partner Program

Today, BlueJeans is excited to announce a new Technology Partner Program, which enables innovative companies and customers to use BlueJeans’ APIs to seamlessly build out new solutions with BlueJeans’ support. While BlueJeans has long been recognized for our commitment to interoperability, this new program will provide development and go-to-market support to provide an integrated, automated experience and make the BlueJeans platform even more accessible. 

BlueJeans has experienced strong support from some of the most influential companies in the industry, developing key product advancements with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Dolby, Samsung, Marketo, and Amazon. Now, we are making it even easier to take advantage of the openness and flexibility of our platform in order to provide solutions that will help the modern workforce be more productive. We are looking forward to collaborating closely with the technology leaders of today and tomorrow to bring new experiences to life as we shape the future of work.

We are currently working with several companies as part of the Technology Partner Program to develop new industry-leading solutions in areas such as scheduling, advanced recording, customer support, advanced analytics, AI, and client integration. Several recent technology partners include:

  • CirQlive offers web conferencing integrations into 90% of higher education and corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS). The integration with BlueJeans provides options for users to schedule and join meetings, view attendance records, and watch recordings, all from within the LMS.
  • FreeBusy schedules meetings with people inside and outside your company in as little as 60 seconds through a scheduling assistant that works with all existing corporate, school, and personal calendars.
  • Kaptivo provides a whiteboard camera system that improves remote visual collaboration by automatically digitizing and live streaming content that is created on any dry erase whiteboard.
  • Voicera connects meetings to your collaboration systems with Eva, a virtual assistant that joins meetings, takes notes, and provides recordings, transcripts, and highlights that can be edited and shared.
  • Vyopta provides a platform with comprehensive monitoring and analytics to help organizations improve user experience, increase adoption, and optimize the efficiency of video collaboration. 

A list of all technology partners across the BlueJeans Meetings Platform is available here.

Key benefits for companies involved with the Technology Partner Program include access to extensive APIs via a self-service process, development support, and a formalized set of go-to-market activities. Depending on the scope of the project, size of the application, and other key indicators, technology partners will receive tiered product development and increased go-to-market support. Those looking to get involved with the BlueJeans Technology Partner Program should request more information here.

“BlueJeans’ Technology Partner Program is unique in the industry, both for the openness of its development team and the ease of use of its API,” said Ruston Vickers, VP of Engineering at Vyopta. “The team at BlueJeans recognizes the important role partners play in enhancing the company’s meetings solutions, and that is a critical step in working together.” 

As we move forward with this new program, we’re excited to see our partners work with BlueJeans to provide superior meeting experiences to our users. We’re looking forward to helping you collaborate better, become more productive, and experience meetings the way they should be.

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