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BlueJeans Unveils New Experience for Fast, Simple, and Productive Meetings

Today, BlueJeans is excited to announce a new meetings platform for the modern workplace. This new experience is built following thousands of user surveys and serves both the enterprise and the end-user with a consistent and reliable experience that combines the familiar with the intuitive. 

BlueJeans has always prided itself on our ability to bring video, audio, and web conferencing together from any endpoint or device. This new desktop application only amplifies that ability and provides a new and improved experience for our users. We're thankful for our partners, including Dolby, Kaptivo, Polycom, Microsoft, and Voicera for helping us to create a unified experience across numerous devices, tools, and services while building innovative applications for the digital workplace.

With the introduction of our new meetings experience, we are putting the focus of meetings where it belongs, on the people and ideas that propel business collaboration, and we're doing it by eliminating all the friction points that get in the way. This new BlueJeans experience provides security, control, and management features for companies of all sizes and ensures that everyone benefits from an elegant and intuitive interface in every meeting. 

Modernized Experience

From digital assistants to interactive whiteboards, our partners have collaborated with us to set the standard for meetings. Meetings are no longer stuffy affairs hosted from the boardroom. Instead, they are collaborative engagements that integrate the latest innovations in order to make meetings—and employees—more productive. Leading BlueJeans integrations include:

  • Alexa for Business allows meeting participants to dial into meetings with their voice and control BlueJeans by using Amazon Echo devices as speakerphones.
  • Kaptivo integrates with BlueJeans to transform any dry-erase board into a real-time collaboration tool by capturing images and live-streaming content to participants.
  • Voicera's Eva, an artificial intelligence virtual assistant, joins meetings like other participants and takes notes while also providing a full transcript, recording, and marked highlights that can easily be shared by email and Slack, or to systems like Salesforce. 

And this is only a small snapshot of our integrations. As our users continue to find value and provide feedback, BlueJeans is excited to continue partnering with best-in-class providers to make meeting experiences even better.

Simple Meetings

One of the features users love about BlueJeans is that the platform integrates with multiple endpoints and devices. Combined with collaboration and messaging platforms like Slack, HipChat, and Skype for Business, BlueJeans works with the tools people use every day to be more productive. Other seamless integrations BlueJeans provides include:

  • The Dolby Conference Phone delivers crystal clear, long-range audio capture in the meeting room, reducing background noise and interruptions.
  • Workplace by Facebook users can stream BlueJeans meetings to their Workplace groups to share content with employees and broadcast events across their companies.
  • Microsoft customers can experience remarkably simple meetings, as BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams provides one-touch meeting and native calendaring on any room system.
  • Customers using Polycom, Cisco, and LifeSize room systems enjoy BlueJeans' one-touch meetings, calendar integrations, and centralized controls for meeting administrators. 
  • WebRTC support for most major browsers allows BlueJeans users to easily invite customers and partners to participate in meetings with no app download or installation required.  

BlueJeans strives to make meetings as simple as possible. With these options for the browser and the conference room, users always have a simplified way to join and share their meetings.

Trusted Enterprise Solution

BlueJeans continues to extend its strength in enterprise-class security, manageability, performance, and control with enhancements for IT:

  • Our Command Center dashboard for live meeting management and service intelligence includes new alerts and more than 70 performance metrics, giving IT insight into every meeting. Administrators can measure meeting quality scores, remotely troubleshoot, and view real-time ROI statistics. 
  • BlueJeans has successfully completed our fifth consecutive round of SOC 2 audits and our SOC 3 certification. The certification process requires an outside audit over several months and has become critical policy for cloud technology to scale across the enterprise environment. 
  • BlueJeans will complete the required process changes to ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance ahead of the mandated May 25, 2018 deadline. The regulation places new obligations on businesses in order to more comprehensively protect the personal data of EU citizens.

The Meetings Platform for the Modern Workplace

With this new experience, BlueJeans is excited to move forward as the meetings platform for the modern workplace. 

As Brian Frank, VP of Operations at LinkedIn stated, "BlueJeans has been an integral part of the meeting and collaboration process at LinkedIn for years. The new experience is a big step for the industry, and exactly what we expect from the team at BlueJeans. Management and control for administrators and a user experience that becomes second nature for everyone involved."

With the new desktop application now available to users, BlueJeans is excited to hear your feedback on the new interface—and the new BlueJeans. Our hope is that this modern, simple, and trustworthy experience makes every meeting more effective and more productive for you and your teams.

Download a free trial to experience the BlueJeans meetings platform today.

**If you've tried BlueJeans Meetings in the past, you're now able to reactivate your trial with the new experience.

Current customers should contact their account manager to upgrade to the new experience.