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BlueJeans at InfoComm 2019

InfoComm 2019 is just around the corner—and as the largest audiovisual and integrated experience event in the US, it’s sure to be eventful. Spanning more than half-a-million square feet of exhibit and event space, this behemoth of a show attracts more than 44,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors looking for the ultimate audiovisual and integrated experience. 

Last year’s conference had a big focus on how flexibility, mobility, teamwork, and intelligence are driving the future of work, and this year we expect this theme to stand out once more. The BlueJeans platform, paired with our multitude of partner integrations—Microsoft, Facebook, Splunk, Slack, Kaptivo, Hugo, etc.—makes it easy for users to focus on getting to the outcomes, rather than the meeting, and we’re excited to showcase our latest products and partner solutions at the show.

For the first timers out there, Commercial Integrator has these great tips to keep in mind as you prepare to head out to Orlando.

With thousands of new products being displayed and a plethora of keynote and educations presentations taking place throughout the week, it can be easy to miss key activities—but you won’t want miss our speaking sessions! Whether you’re interested in learning how to drive a successful UCC deployment within an increasingly IT-driven context or just looking for ways to achieve more inclusive and productive collaboration in your workplace, BlueJeans executives have you covered. Here’s our speaking lineup for this year:

AVIT Best Practices for UCC
Tuesday, June 11 – 11:30 AM – W304H
Unified Communications and Collaboration has moved firmly into the IT domain. Today's UCC solutions are IP- and often software-based. That said, UCC has made this transition without ever leaving the traditional AV domain: environment design and system integration remain critical to user experience. This panel will explore whether the line between the traditional AV and IT domains of expertise has disappeared and how to navigate the gray areas, how to achieve continuous improvement in the UCC user experience in the age of software-based codecs, and what environmental considerations can be overcome with technology, and which still really matter.

Using Meeting Room Data to Improve User Experience
Wednesday, June 12 – 9:30 AM
Looking for insights into how technology managers can take advantage of data analytics capabilities? Today's UCC solutions can generate vast data sets. As an end user, how do you turn that information into wisdom? What tools are available to you, what can they tell you, and what skill sets do you need to take full advantage of them? This panel will explore what room data can tell you about user behavior and how you can respond to that information, the current landscape of room management tools and how to select one appropriate to your needs, and support models for room management tools.

Best Practices for Conducting Collaborative Meetings
Wednesday, June 12 – 1:30 PM
In this panel session, leading UCC manufacturers will share their insights into how to achieve more inclusive and productive collaboration. Modern UCC technology should allow in-person meetings to be more efficient and productive, and give virtual participants the same ability to collaborate as those meeting face to face. It should do that. But does it? When it comes to taking advantage of collaboration tools to improve meeting outcomes, there is a learning curve for both technologists and end users. The panel will explore how to build comfort with virtual analogs for physical collaboration tools; capabilities, use cases, and misuse cases for interactive displays; and technical approaches and facilitation best practices for making far-end attendees full meeting participants.

Executing Executive Town Halls
Thursday, June 13 – 3:00 PM
Transparency, community, and open channels of communication are incredibly important to modern workers. Executive town halls allow those in the C-Suite to connect directly with their constituents, and they expect to look and sound amazing while they do so. This panel will explore the many ways to leverage UCC to make your boss look great. Panelists will discuss key considerations for a variety of town hall settings—whether behind a desk or on a stage—including, what needs to happen behind the scenes to support system performance and meeting capture and options and best practices for streaming and remote participation.

Interested in learning more? Head over to our website to read more about what BlueJeans is participating in at this year’s InfoComm, and don’t forget to stop by the BlueJeans Booth (4675) in the Expo Hall to chat about how BlueJeans can allow you to do your best work.

See you in Orlando!