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BlueJeans is a Hot Vendor in Aragon’s 2019 Special Report Part IV!

We’re getting spoiled here at BlueJeans. Over the last two months, we’ve been honored by all of the recognition we’ve received from the likes of G2 Crowd, TMC, TrustRadius and now—Aragon Research!

We are excited to announce that BlueJeans has been selected as a Hot Vendor in Web and Video Conferencing for 2019 by Aragon Research! 

Hot Vendors™ in Web and Video Conferencing, 2019
The web and video conferencing market is expanding as the demand for visual collaboration rises. With cloud continuing to drive new use cases and innovation, visual collaboration has become a strategic way to enhance the overall customer journey. This research note identifies 4 Hot Vendors who are making a difference in the market.

Today, web and video conferencing is a key element of team collaboration in many enterprises. As people become more comfortable using video in everyday meetings, the ability of providers to enable higher quality video meetings also continues to grow. Since participants are virtually face to face, video meetings also enable more information to be conveyed than in an audio-only meeting. This becomes especially important with customer meetings.

Released today, Aragon’s selective Hot Vendor List features companies who fit the following criteria:

  • Emerging: Hot Vendors are up-and-coming, often smaller providers that don’t yet have the high market awareness or far reach of a longstanding market leader.
  • Innovative: Hot Vendors have a new technology that expands capabilities or a new way of doing business that makes them worth evaluating.
  • Disruptive: Because of their new strategies, Hot Vendors have the potential to influence, open up, or redefine markets.

Previous Hot Vendors, including Box and DocuSign, have gone on to achieve great success in their markets. We’re flattered to be in such good company! Here’s what Aragon had to say about BlueJeans:

BlueJeans, based in San Jose and led by CEO Quentin Gallivan, is a web and video conferencing platform that is simple and scalable. 

BlueJeans Meetings allows you to join a meeting with one touch from any device, no downloading required. It is powered by Dolby Voice, and can cancel background noise across devices. BlueJeans also allows you to schedule meetings with one click and integrates with enterprise calendars such as Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365/Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Workplace by Facebook and more. BlueJeans also offers easy screen sharing, recording, and smart user controls. BlueJeans Command Center offers live meeting controls with real-time intelligence for centralized management and troubleshooting across Meetings, Events, Rooms and the Microsoft Teams Gateway.

What makes BlueJeans hot is its quick and easy to use interface, as well as its integrations with other work and collaboration tools.

Who Should Evaluate BlueJeans?
Enterprises looking for a simple yet scalable web, audio, and video conferencing solution should evaluate BlueJeans. Its ability to schedule meetings with one click and integrate with other tools and applications makes it a vendor to evaluate.

Aragon will be hosting their 9th annual Hot Vendor, Innovation, and Women in Tech Award Ceremony on December 5th 2019 in Silicon Valley. Save your seat today!

Interested in learning more about how to collaborate effectively with video, audio, and web conferencing from anywhere, on any device? Get your free trial of BlueJeans Meetings.