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Customer Story: BlueJeans Helps DentaQuest Foundation Eliminate Dental Disease

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About DentaQuest Foundation

Driven by the mission to improve the oral health of all, DentaQuest hopes to achieve a nation free of dental disease. The organization works to ensure that no child suffers from the pain of tooth decay, and that adults can keep their teeth for their entire lives. With a unique approach to improving oral health, DentaQuest is the largest dental benefits administrator in the United States.

The DentaQuest Foundation, partnering with its parent company, works with local, state, and national partners to raise oral health awareness and promote effective oral health solutions. Established in 2000, the Foundation collaborates with partners in communities across the United States to connect key stakeholders, raise awareness, and support solutions for better oral healthcare.

The Challenge

At its core, the DentaQuest Foundation is a system change agent—it works to change the American healthcare system to be fully integrated around patients. Working collectively with state health departments and community-based organizations, the lean team at DentaQuest Foundation is accountable for a network of thousands. As change agents, they needed a collaboration tool that would change the way they worked.

With employees working in multiple cities and headquarters located in Boston, the DentaQuest Foundation has always used a conferencing tool that allows them to communicate with one another from various locations. However, the use of this tool has not always been easy. In 2015, the Foundation had finally struggled enough with their legacy conferencing platform, and decided to find a solution that would be available both to their internal team and their external community partners.

DentaQuest Foundation + BlueJeans

Matt Bond, Director of Network Strategy at DentaQuest Foundation, was put in charge of finding a tool that would replace the current solution while also providing all the features the organization needed in a video conferencing platform. After evaluating multiple providers, Matt and his team quickly settled on BlueJeans as the premier choice.

Perfect for both video and audio calls, BlueJeans also included screen sharing capabilities and allowed easy access for external partners to join the calls. With it, they could replace and consolidate both their existing video platform and their audio bridge, making it easier for employees to interact with one another and easier for IT to manage the tools while reducing cost and complexity.

Uses: External Partner Engagement // Internal Team Collaboration

Prior to implementing BlueJeans, the organization was conducting daily internal operations via an audio bridge with one central conference number. However, the Foundation’s work with a large, interconnected network of national, state, and community-based groups required an easy conferencing solution that could be used by all members, regardless of device or location. Matt Bond stated, “When we first launched the network, we were in 25 states, but our goal was to expand the number of people who were participating in it. It quickly became clear that there was no way to build that kind of relationship over audio-only conference calls.”

BlueJeans provides a way for the team to easily and quickly connect with network members throughout the country and scale as they continue to grow throughout all 50 states. “One of the bedrock principles of a social network is that it’s only as strong as the relationship between its members,” stated Matt. “In order to be able to have real authentic relationships with people, get to know them, and connect with them in a meaningful way, a video-first platform is the only tool. None of the other platforms I reviewed offered the same level of video-audio quality connect, ease of use, and responsiveness from a customer-service perspective.” With the platform, Matt and his team speak to approximately 200 people per week, conducting one-on-one meetings with network partners and hosting larger group meetings. The team even records training sessions (similar to TED Talks) to share information and easily distribute it amongst network members.

"In a couple years, you're going to start seeing healthcare change and it'll be because of the work our network does. We're this force in the background improving the healthcare system, and BlueJeans is the motor we run on."

—Matt Bond, Director of Network Strategy

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