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BlueJeans Events: One-Stop-Shop for Video Interop

BlueJeans Events combine the collaborative features of our Meetings product with the scalability of a high-capacity broadcast. “Collaborative” evokes participation tools like chat, polling, Q&A, and general hand-raiser features. While our answer to the availability of these items is, “yes, yes, yes, and yes,” let’s take a closer look at what collaborative video truly looks like:

Imagine consuming and reacting to executive announcements with everyone on your team, regardless of location. Getting video visibility into distributed conference rooms creates community for in-person attendees and for those joining from remote offices. Since these board rooms often host unique lines of business, streaming video to or from any endpoint strengthens peer-to-peer connections within teams and across the organization.

...And with BlueJeans Events, you can.

Multiple Hardware Vendors? Keep Using Them!
One fundamental aspect of BlueJeans’ service is hardware integration. The long list of video camera brands and room systems have created a massive purchasing opportunity for buyers in the market for collaborative solutions. Variety is a good thing — get exactly what you want. Realizing this assortment of hardware deployment options, BlueJeans Events makes life easier for IT and facilities teams by interoperating with any existing on-prem technology.

That’s the admin side, here’s the end user side.

Engaged Audiences Lean Forward
Agnostic endpoint support allows attendees to see and be seen, turning internal streaming presentations into an immersive video environment. Instead of one-way transfers of information, participants can join in a group atmosphere to take full advantage of the content experience. The results are immediately noticeable if you take a quick scan of everyone in the event. Notice how posture and body language changes from a passive position — often detached and leaning back — to an active one. To no one’s surprise, people tend to lean forward and become engaged when they’re on camera. In a recent BlueJeans and TechValidate survey, 100% of respondents said joining from any endpoint (mobile, desktop, or room system) was beneficial to their internal streaming programs.

Here are a few more data points that keep participants coming back to BlueJeans Events.

  • Retention of information: 70% of surveyed IT organizations improved employee retention of information communicated at all hands with BlueJeans Events.
  • Improved participation: 90% of surveyed IT organizations improved employee participation in all hands with BlueJeans Events.
  • Improved perception of leadership: 66% of surveyed IT organizations improved perception of senior leadership with BlueJeans Events.
  • Improved corporate alignment: 83% of surveyed IT organizations improved organizational alignment with corporate strategy with BlueJeans Events.

Additionally, video-first live streams capture the attention of audiences that have the expectation of compelling modern media. The long-term impacts favor everyone in the company, across departments and levels of management from interns to executive teams. Video technology is a collaborative hallmark of BlueJeans that increases the value of every town hall, all-hands, or corporate presentation.

With BlueJeans Events, everyone in the enterprise can see each other. Upgrade your current streaming solution with a video interoperability and get more out of every presentation with BlueJeans Events!