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Make Webinars Easy with BlueJeans Events, Now with Marketo

Marketo + BlueJeans Events Integration

Thousands of marketers are gathering this week at Marketo Summit, looking to network with their peers and improve their marketing game. Attendees are focused on learning about the latest and greatest tools in the marketing space and discovering best practices in measuring how prospects engage with their content. And with more marketing teams relying on digital events and webinars to drive leads, BlueJeans is excited to announce an integration with Marketo, designed to make virtual events easier for teams using the platform.

Research shows 62 percent of marketers use webinars in their marketing strategies, and rank webinars as one of their top three most effective tactics overall. BlueJeans Events is changing the webinar landscape by merging the best of video conferencing, content sharing, and live streaming capabilities into a simple interface, making it easy for presenters to connect and engage with thousands of virtual participants. This is a win-win for presenters and attendees, but what about the people who work behind the scenes to make virtual events happen? Now, with a new Marketo integration, organizing webinars with BlueJeans Events just got easier. 

While BlueJeans Events was designed originally for internal town hall meetings and wide-scale corporate communications, our customers quickly began using it to host interactive webcasts with external prospects, customers and partners.  As digital marketers know, a webinar is most effective when integrated with existing marketing infrastructure for pre-and-post event communications.

As a result, integration with Marketo was the most requested feature from customers of BlueJeans Events.  Given the market demand, BlueJeans is proud to deliver this new update to the platform. With this integration, marketers can now:

  • Generate and route leads directly to Marketo from BlueJeans Events
  • Push participant information captured in Marketo forms directly to BlueJeans Events
  • Easily customize invitation branding and registration landing pages

No more exporting files from one place and uploading them to the other—now it happens automatically! With the systems connected, all the lead information appears in Marketo without any manual effort on the part of the marketing team. And once a BlueJeans Event is created and associated with a program within Marketo, leads will flow automatically. This enables the team to see who registered and who attended, and then easily follow up with them with the appropriate materials. 

This is one more way BlueJeans is enabling meetings for the modern workplace, connecting rich immersive events and meetings with the tools you use every day. We can’t wait to see how this new integration with Marketo makes hosting virtual events easier for your entire team. 

Try the new Marketo integration with a free trial of BlueJeans Events.