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BlueJeans for Facebook Live: It's a Promotional Powerhouse

We are excited to announce that BlueJeans has launched BlueJeans for Facebook Live, the first platform for large-scale, interactive video events that can broadcast over Facebook Live. Now, companies, organizations and brands will be able to create large-scale, interactive broadcast experiences to connect and engage with Facebook’s 1.3 billion daily active users.

Starting a BlueJeans Broadcast to Facebook Live

BlueJeans Events is already a well-respected platform for large video events. Presenters have a variety of features available to make their event more engaging, viewers have the ability to be promoted to speak face-to-face with the presenter, and event staff control cutting edge management tools. Companies like TEDx, Wikia, and Sundance use BlueJeans Events to host large events such as brand launches and conferences to make everyone feel like they’re in the same room. Those same events can now be viewed over Facebook Live. There’s an important distinction between simply promoting an event on Facebook, and letting people view it over Facebook Live—the potential for events to go completely, and utterly viral.

Once an event has been posted on Facebook Live, events automatically show up in your followers’ timelines and Facebook Live event notifications. Followers will get a notification when the event begins, and again when the recording has been posted. There’s no leaving Facebook itself to view—people get the simplicity they expect, which massively improves the potential for event viewership to spread during (or after) the event.

The promotional possibilities become endless. For example, in a brand launch with a celebrity spokesperson, their Facebook following can kick off a social torrent of word-of-mouth. And because the viewers no longer have so many barriers to viewing, things like having to leave Facebook or remembering when the event is starting, the event is much more likely to spread.

Here’s another scenario – your business has launched a new product, and you are hosting a live Q&A with top executives. Or you’re releasing a film or a video game and want to have a live session with the creative minds behind the release. So much becomes possible when you have a platform like BlueJeans Events to host an interactive event and combine it with the promotional powerhouse that is Facebook Live.

Try streaming to Facebook Live with a free trial of BlueJeans.